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Sep 18 2014, 04:21 AM
Ten minutes. That's how long they had been running for. For the third time, Ryan stopped and turned around to wait for the man behind him. Richard was either a slow runner, or completely unfit.

Nalan stood beside a tree and joined Ryan to look back along the path they had come from. Gee the fat black and white lump is slow.

They're not used to running. Cut them some slack.

The fox fell silent. It was 6:15 am on a Saturday and the sky was still dark. Only a few people were seen on the street, and most were doing their exercise as well. Ryan leaned on a house fence as Richard approached. The scholar was in London for a conference and was staying at Richard's place. It surprised even Ryan that he was able to convince Richard and Morpheusa to join him on his occasional morning run.

Ryan grinned as Richard came within earshot. 'Don't die on me, ok buddy?' he chuckled. 'Only 45 minutes to go. You complete it and I'll give you the name of that lady in the brown leather jacket I was talking to last week.' Ryan had no doubt Richard could have found out on his own, but it was fun nonetheless.

Nalan rolled her eyes internally but perked her ears at the tigress' approach. 'You are doing well, Morpheusa.' What a load of fat.
Jan 30 2013, 11:39 AM
Nalan sat by a door. She was impatient. Her tail flicked back and forth on the ground, sweeping the little floor area around her body clean and dirtfree. This was her habit when she was waiting with nothing to do. What the heck was he doing in there? The fox looked up and down the corridor, empty. Then she glanced up at the door. Nalan beamed a telepathetic message to her human.

Richard Mackenzie! Dammit! What the heck is taking you so long? You've been in there for like a whole two minutes, man!

Why do humans take so long in the toilet?
Nov 4 2012, 03:56 AM
Dr. Curtis. The Magisterium specialist medical doctor. Ryan leaned back on his chair holding the business card. He twirled it in his fingers and looked out the window in thought. He needed to talk to someone about the varied responses from the intercision machine. He could no longer analyse it alone. His knowledge in the health science field was limited. Nalan jumped up onto the desk and pawed at a piece of paper.

'Is it going to work, Ryan? Getting close to her first.'

'It's the only way, Nalan. Dr Curtis is a Magisterium doctor. There is no other way. I cannot approach him directly. We are not affiliated with the Magisterium in public.'

The fox inspected the notes and sketches on the paper. 'He has two daughters. That's what you found out.'

'One of them, Phoebe, is quiet and reserved. It'll be hard to get close to her. The other, Melana, is very er outgoing as I have heard. She is who we will target.'

The fox stayed silent, examining the notes. 'Dr. Curtis is the only one we can contact?'

'He has dealt with intercision patients before. He has experience.'

The man spun the card around once more, then stood up and lit it up with a match. 'Here, give me that piece of paper too, Nalan.' The note on Dr. Curtis's family was similarly destroyed. Ryan walked to the window and looked out at the unfamiliar streets, his hands in his pocket. They were in London and he was in one of his best suits. After a moment, he spun around and clapped his hands together.

'Well, let's go old girl,' he said, striding to the door. 'We have a party to attend to. After you.'

They left their hotel room and made their way through the city. It was late afternoon and the sun had just set. Ryan was dressed smartly in a black suit, sporting a black tie. Nalan was groomed to the best of her ability until her fur shone. Twenty minutes later, they were outside 'Bear's Music', a famous bar reputable for one of the most popular spots for the young and rich. Tonight, there was an especially large VIP party being held. With his connections, Ryan got into the club without worries. Soon they were bombarded by music and people dressed in cocktail wear. The undercover glanced around the large venue. Where to start? From his sources, he was quite certain that Melana would be here tonight. This seemed a party that she would not want to miss. The man and fox made their way to the bar and ordered a drink. They turned around and faced the crowd.

Man, how do we find her, Nalan?

Ryan's appearance:

Bar's mood and atmosphere, I imagine, similar to this:
Oct 2 2012, 03:48 PM
Ryan walked along the street, whistling under the bright sunshine that shone on the happy weekend market go-ers around him. His eyes darted left and right, looking for ... someone.

Him? How about him, Ryan? That man's fat enough for even a snail to catch him.

And if it doesn't work? Are you the one who'd carry him to the river?

They walked on, Nalan holding a briefcase in her mouth. The scholar played with the end of the leather whip hanging from his belt, swinging it around in circles. He flicked a silver coin at a lady and received an apple in return. This he chewed on as he stood under a street sign, observing the people around him.

There. Right there, Nalan.

The red-grey fox turned her head and looked at a boy hovering at a market stand selling antique watches. Together they watched as the boy and his bird daemon subtly snatched two watches and casually walked away.

But he shows promise in life, Ryan, Nalan offered sarcastically. She didn't care who they chose. All this selection, hunting, only wasted her time. Why do you insist on choosing who we do this on? This isn't a game. It makes no difference in the end.

One less thieving street urchin off these streets will do this place good, don't you think Nalan?

Always thinking of the greater good...
Sarcasm again.

The scholar twisted through the streets until he was standing behind the boy. 'Come with me boy, if you know what's good for you,' Ryan whispered in his ear. Nalan growled up at the bird daemon perched on the urchin's shoulder.

'Who the fu-'

As the boy attempted to turn around, the scholar yanked his arm to force him facing forward. His other hand slipped into the boy's pocket and took out the watches. 'I saw you. Don't make a fuss.'

'What the fuck are you? The fucking police?'

'Worse. Get going.'

'Screw you!'

Ryan propped his thumb on the boy's back. 'Want me to pull the trigger, boy?'

The street urchin froze and so did the bird, who had attempted to peck Ryan. 'Take it easy, you fucking old man.'

'I'm only 30. Let's move out.'

Ryan steered the boy through the busy market crowd streets and down a side laneway. The scholar stopped half way. He looked to either side of the small street where ten metres on either side, the market shoppers continued their busy strolls, paying no attention to the two men in the middle of the alleyway. The scholar released the boy and he turned around, glaring at Ryan. The fox snarled at the bird.

Bird looks like she's a stuffed display already.

'Name, boy?'

'What you want, stupid? You wanna be so smart and arrest me go ahead! I ain't carin' about it!'

Ryan chuckled and rapidly threw a punch into the boy's stomach.




'Yeah, got a problem?'

'No. I'm Ryan.'

'Yeh, so?'

'I'm here to ask you to participate in a highly important experiment. You have been selected, Trip. You will help shape history today.'
Jun 9 2012, 03:07 PM
It was a moonless night. And a sleepless one for Ryan Whitman and his fox, Nalan. Ryan's head rested on his palms, his hands ruffling his brown hair in frustration. The pair was in their room at the college. Sketches and bits of writing laid littered on his table. His head, and Nalan's also, radiated with a dull ache. It had been two months since he put his mind to this project: advancing the current model of the Doot Machine to greater use for the Magisterium. He had witnessed firsthand the success of it on a child, multiple children. But none had worked on adults. From the brief time he had had the Doot Machine in his possession, he had come to understand the physics behind it. So why can't he modify it such that it works on adults too? He felt the solution was close at hand, dancing just out of his field of reason, baiting him and trying to drive him crazy. And it was working, he felt absolutely deranged. Perhaps that's why VJ turned out to be a bad egg. Too much dootness.

'Perhaps if you just lie on the bed -'

'Gahh! It's so close, Nalan! I feel it in my fingers! I feel it in my toes! It's like a song in my mind. I am going nuts!'

'Fine, don't lie on the bed. Perhaps a walk in the night air.'

Ryan Whitman sat up, his hair sticking at odd angles. 'That's a great idea, Nalan. Let's go for a walk.' He stood up, got his coat and walked out of his room with the fox at his heels. Even at the door, the chillness of the night air in the corridor seemed to have an amazing effect on him. He was instantly much more alert and awake. An easy smile crept onto his face, his mood considerably lighter.

'See? Much better, right Ryan?'

'Yes. I didn't know you had brains in that head of yours.' Ryan kicked the fox playfully and the two of them set off at an easy walk through the dark corridors of the college. It was around 10pm then. Most scholars were either in bed or studying in their rooms. He passed one now, who was loaded with a mountain of books.

'Alright there, Miss Red? Need a hand?'

'No thanks, Ryan, thanks for the offer.'

'It's a good workout too, carrying books around. That's how I got mine,' he grinned, pretending to show off his muscles (which weren't visible under his coat anyway). They bade each other goodnight and Ryan walked on.

Casually, they turned a corner, whistling a tune and walked past the entrance of the academic hall. Ryan doubled back, seeing some light and activity in there.

'Let's see who we can bother now,' he said to the fox.

Another one of them Republican rats perhaps?

You're such a sour grape, you know that Nalan?

I get it from you.

Together, they walked into the library, seeing whether it was someone they could have a fun banter with to distract them from their undercover duties.
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Edward Branson
No, Whitman. You were doing your duty, and I was doing mine. Have you investigated the lead I hinted at in my letter?
Oct 8 2012, 06:25 PM
Richard Mackenz...
Hey, Ryan, want a beer after work?
Oct 8 2012, 01:50 PM
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