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Jul 27 2018, 12:03 AM
The retiring room wasn't as exciting as Elodine had been lead to believe. Six meetings, and she still didn't understand why women weren't allowed to step foot in. It was a room, like any other -- filled with equipment that she saw almost daily! It frustrated her to no end that she still had to disguise herself to be allowed in. Even if the Master of the college was accepting, there were still a fair few scholars that would balk at the idea of a woman trading knowledge with them. So there she was, in a frumpy three piece suit -- waistcoat slightly faded and buttons a bit worn. Now, the only reason her fellow professors looked at her funny was because of her financial standing. ( not that she paid much mind to that )

Nestled in her waistcoat, Arnold nipped at the edge of her bow tie, making very soft squawking noises. It took Elodine a moment to realize he was trying to warn her of hair that had slipped out of the pins. Thankfully, most of the scholars hadn't arrived just yet, and she could fix it without much fuss at all. With an affectionate scratch to her daemon's head, she began to focus on the meeting that was soon to start.

Elodine was about ready to speak when the last scholar entered. Momentarily startled, her gaze was almost transfixed when she noticed the man's daemon. Even Arnold, the calmer of the two, was spooked -- feathers ruffled from his spot in her waistcoat. She'd never seen such a striking daemon. ( of course, her company comprised of mostly other professors and the butlers ) Even meeting Lord Asriel's daemon hadn't felt quite like this. It took her a moment to look away, cheeks pink with her embarrassment. Intimidated by a man's daemon! How silly of her. He was just a tall, charismatic looking man. Nothing to be nervous about at all!

❝ Very sorry fer the wait! The Master's asked me t' start the discussion off-- ❞ she trailed off, attempting to keep her Scottish brogue in check, eyes momentarily flickering to the strange man with the white tiger for a daemon. She needed to keep her gaze off of them, lest they figure things out. ❝ he didnae think he was gonna be so late, but he miscalculated. Somefink from the Magisterium, I guess. ❞ She attempted to keep her distaste for them a secret, the only indication being a small twitch in her fingers.

Taking a moment to set up one of the projectors, she put a slide in, turning to one of the scholars. There was less anxiety now that she didn't have to say much else. Holding a consistent deep voice was quite taxing. Moving out of the way of the projector and scholars, she stood idly near the miniature planetarium. The Master would be there soon, and she wouldn't have to worry about a thing.
Jul 2 2018, 08:31 AM
Name/Alias: phillip ( or lee, for the people who knew me from way back when )

How did you find The Aurora?: it was in like 2008 or something, i definitely don't remember

Contact details:


Application Progress:

Name: Elodine Greenhand ( affectionately called Elo by friends )

Age: 37

Gender: Nonbinary Feminine leaning ( she/them )

Height: 4'11"

Race: Human

Affiliation: Republic of Heaven

Homeworld: Lyra's World

Weapons: a regular old dagger that she keeps in a handmade holder of her inner waistcoat, a pair of very sharp hat pins ( only when she's actually wearing the hat ), and a gun that she keeps locked in a safe in her quarters ( unless it's essential that she keep it on her person )

Face Claim: Virginia Hankins


Elodine's most distinguishing feature is her hair, long and deep orange, with almost unmanageable curls. It's rarely put up unless absolutely necessary. If someone could not locate her daemon, they could expect him to be hiding in her curls. The next thing one would notice is her complexion, very pale, as if she had never stepped into the sun. ( odd for a florist who regularly spends hours in the sun on hot summer days ) She is a little chubby, as she's never really been one for too much physical activity, aside from climbing.

For the most part, Elodine's wardrobe mainly consists of men's clothing, waistcoats, trousers, and cheap tweed suits. ( always with a bow tie ) For disguising purposes, of course. When she tucks her hair into a hat, she's almost indistinguishable from a man, unless one was to look very closely. Never wears dresses unless necessary.

Personality: Elodine is, at heart, a cheery person. She relies on wit and kindness to get her by, and that's worked for her thus far. After the things that she's gone through, there is a touch of cynicism, but it's buried deep down, and she does her best to make sure that it doesn't affect how she interacts with other people. Most of the time, when she's not doing well emotionally, she performs happiness -- burdening people with her problems is the last thing she likes to do.

As a professor, Elodine is known by students to be very patient, often using her own free time to help students to understand what she's teaching them. Religion is not something she really is a part of or believes in, but she only makes that known to people she can trust. With the years of living on the streets, there is more wariness, especially around anyone from the Magisterium. She is softest with children and animals, and will do whatever she can to protect them.

Positive Traits: clever, open-minded, humorous, curious, compassionate, silly

Negative Traits: self-loathing, slightly jaded, anxious, jumpy, somewhat lazy

Skills/Talents: knitting, making and updating star charts, climbing, fencing, fixing machines

Occupation: professor of astronomy in jordan's college, experimental theologian, florist, engineer ( the repairman of Oxford's scientific equipment )

History: Elodine was born in Scotland to Gregor Greenhand of Muscovy, and Moira Leòideach of Scotland. She was the second child of three children, and was raised and educated in Scotland. Elodine quickly became an exemplary student, her hunger for knowledge never seeming to be satisfied. It didn't seem to surprise many people when she graduated at sixteen, almost immediately shipping off to Oxford for university.

Soon after that, Moira and Gregor left Brytain for Muscovy, fearing the worsening political climate. Of course, Elodine understood why they needed to leave Brytain, but at the same time, she was only seventeen at the time, about to put herself through university. It was more than a little daunting.

In university, she focused on studying astronomy, experimental theology ( physics ), and chemistry. Upon graduating university, she found a bit of a roadblock. No one was willing to take her in any field, mainly because of her gender. There were plenty of men that would be vying for the positions that she wanted. ( even glowing recommendations from her professors didn't do much to help ) Now in debt with no way to pay it off without some sort of job, she ended up on the streets. While she lived on the streets, there were whispers; whispers of a cold and unforgiving institution. It was on the streets that she learned of the horrors of the Magisterium, and something called a 'gobbler'.

There had always been a certain disdain for the Magisterium, as she could be considered a heretic, if she admitted her lack of belief. Now though, there was a clear hatred. Stealing children was the lowest of the low, in her opinion. She vowed that if she could get off the streets, she would do all she could to hurt the Magisterium in some way. It took about ten years, but she finally managed to stabilize herself. She worked a couple odd jobs, and in secret, she helped the scholars of Jordan's College with their research on particle metaphysics and dust. To be allowed into the retiring room to talk with her fellow scholars, she would pose as a man, which was easy enough with a well placed hat.

After about a year of skulking about, posing as a male scholar, she was offered an official position at Jordan's College. She didn't have to continue cross dressing to keep her position, but she found that she rather liked it. It took her some time to convince the Master to allow her to teach classes. He allowed her one, at first -- an astronomy course. Sure, she had more on her resume of her exploits in experimental theology, but her passion lied in astronomy.

Now two years later, she teaches four different astronomy courses and keeps a budding little flower box outside her window. Her anger at the Magisterium is still there, but has dulled a little with time, and with the notion that she wouldn't be able to do anything worthwhile. She still fixes her fellow scholars equipment for free when asked, and she is very happy to help.

Other: Elodine would have been about 34 when the plot really started, so I decided to age her to where the plot is now. ( she would join the plot most likely when she is able to get herself off the streets, so i'm just filling in the gaps )

Dæmon Name: Arnold ( as named by her mother's daemon )

Dæmon Animal: torresian crow

Dæmon Appearance:
Arnold is a little bigger than most Torresian crows, with piercing blue eyes and sleek black feathers. In the right light, they almost look like a very deep blue. His beak is long and slender, the perfect length to nip at Elodine when she's not behaving.

Dæmon Personality: Arnold is the chattier of the two, and loves talking, often providing input on situations that Elodine does not want input on. He sometimes makes noises that Torresian Crows make, though mainly when he's bored. Ever since Elodine was little, Arnold has always loved playing tricks and having fun, definitely the more reckless of the two of them. In Elodine's classroom, he uses a perch on the edge of her desk that she had fashioned just for him. On this perch, he tries to exude a sense of superiority, though this often just makes him look silly.

In a more private setting, he is a little milder, regularly showing Elodine affection when in the flower shop or when she's reading in her home. He's also more willing to discuss his opinions on people she's friends with. Arnold is very fond of Elodine and other daemons that he knows and trusts giving him scratches behind his head, and Elodine often does this while she's reading.

Role Play Sample: It was well past midnight in Oxford, and yet a faint light still shone from a little window of one of the universities. The lone light was coming from a cramped room, where star maps were spread out across a work table. The resident of said room was poring over the maps, taking a moment every so often to make notes and make changes with an inking pen. Her hair had been crudely tied up, probably due to the fact that some of the ends had been coated with black ink. perhaps a haircut was in order. Especially seeing how it was put up more than it was let down nowadays.

Her daemon had taken to lightly pulling on her curls, hopping onto the table as a sort of distraction. They would have to retire to her home at some point. Arnold just hoped that it was soon. Falling asleep at the worktable wouldn't be good for either of them. After she had brushed him aside for the fourth time, he jumped right on one of the maps that was still drying, prompting an exasperated look from Elodine.

❝ --stop jumpin' all over the maps, I'll go t'bed when I'm tired! ❞

❝ Did it ever occur to you that I might be tired? Or maybe you just don't want to admit that you're just as tired. ❞

She didn't grace him with an answer, choosing instead to narrow her eyes at her crow daemon and continue making notes. Finishing the notes was extremely important, as she had a deadline to meet. Something that the both of them knew about. For a moment, she supposed that she would probably be a lot more productive in the morning -- the scholars didn't really work too much on Sundays.

❝ Come on, put the pen down, you're gonna end up falling asleep on this table, and i won't forgive you if you cause me to fall asleep in ink. It'll never come outta my feathers! Hopping over to her hand, Arnold made his way up her arm and onto her shoulder, trying to convince her by nuzzling against her cheek.

❝ Okay, okay, y'big baby. I'll pack it up, I promise. ❞ With a yawn, Elodine got up from her seat at the work table, putting the ink back into a container and setting the pen in a holder. Looking at the clock on the wall, she almost laughed. ❝ It's a lot later than I thought it was. ❞
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