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Gender: Female
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Player Name: Nadia Jeanes
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Jun 8 2015, 12:04 AM
Name/Alias: Kitty or DD

How did you find The Aurora?: Google searched Golden Compass or his Dark Material Roleplays until it popped up.

Contact details: Don't really have any at present, aside from emails which I rarely check. So just PM me on the board for now.


Application Progress: Complete.

Name: Nadia Katharine Jeanes

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Neutral (Presently oblivious toward the current power struggle.)

Homeworld: Lyra's World

Weapons: None


Nadia has long brunette hair that extends toward the center of her spine and is most often worn straight or in a pony tail. She's of an average physique, not too fat nor too skinny. She's moderately fit due to regular jogs, and ocational work outs. Her muscular built makes her attractive without giving her the husky overbearing appearance of a body builder.

She stands at a height of 5'4" and a weight of 140 lbs. Her eyes are hazel and tend to appear as a blend of varying shades of brown, green and gold. They ocationally change colors based on the season or her mood, usually becoming green, gold, gray or brown in color. She's generally seen wearing a lady’s hunting suit and riding habits. During formal or party situations she'll wear typical dresses and skirts, which are often kept in her closet until she desires them.

Personality: Nadia's calm and logical, but not unemotional. She's an introvert, at heart, preferring to read alone than be subjected to the crush and noise of a big party or bar. She has a few friends and family, whose presence she welcomes - to a point. But even they can wear on her nerves eventually, and she may need to retreat back into her personal space for a while so she can recharge. Nadia's energy comes in bursts, after which she may need a long nap or a couple of evenings at home to recuperate.

Nadia is quite comfortable with herself, and can be reasonably confident. She wants the friendship and goodwill of others, but she's not willing to sacrifice her principles in order to get it. If her close friends need something that she can provide, however, she will always be the first to offer it.

Nadia's a good and sympathetic listener, and quite aware of her friend's emotional states. When Nadia is with her very close friends, she will most likely open up, but rarely does so - as she doesn't like to burden people with her problems. At the same time, though, she is honest and not willing to alter the truth for the sake of convenience. Among strangers Nadia tends to be reserved, and may resort to making jokes to disguise her true feelings.

While She's not afraid of conflict, she does not seek it, either. When Nadia is hurt or insulted, she feels that she has a choice to make. She can choose to take the up on it and defend herself, or she can let it pass. Her decision may depend on how well she knows the person, how personally she takes the insult, or simply what mood she may be in that day. Her friends may not always know how she is going to react, for that reason. Whatever her reaction, though, she will be logical, rational and unnervingly accurate: a measured strike.

History: Nadia Jeanes was born, the youngest of six children, to Leeann Mickey Goodwin and Jerred Ilbert jeanes Sr. At the time of her birth, she had her two older sisters, Sidney Borbála jeanes, 13, and Stephany Greer jeanes, 9, as well as her three older brothers, Jerred Ilbert jeanes Jr., 12, Deacon Xavior jeanes, 5, and lastly Morton Kaiden jeanes, 2.

As the youngest, Nadia was never short on the spoiling list, which often resulted in jealousy from her elder siblings. The older she became the more attention she earned from her parents, especially her father. Nadia was always a daddy's girl. Nadia's family is from Texas, New Denmark. It's where she and three of her siblings were born and raised. The eldest two were born in New France. Nadia has a southryn accent that many find attractive, drawing her a bit of male attention whether she wants it or not.

As a child her Dæmon, Adrastos, often took the shapes of a peregrine falcon, snow leopard, siberian tiger, osprey, or a snowy owl. By the age of 14 he had finally settled permenately into the form of a snowy owl. She sees him as her dearest and bestest friend, and it's not just because he's a part of her. All throughout school it was Adrastos whom stood up for Nadia whenever she was being bullied. He often took on forms he knew could tackle and take on the bullies Dæmons. Even after he settled Adrastos found plenty of use for his talons and beak.

Nadia's world changed by the time she was 16. Her parents were fighting which ended in divorce. Nadia and the others were all split up between parents. Leeann took the three eldest children, while Jerred took the three youngest. Leeann, Little Jerred, Sidney, and Stephany returned to Ohio to live. Meanwhile Jerred remained in Texas with Nadia, Deacon, and Morton. Things went well, aside from the fact that Nadia was the only woman in the house. Adrastos wasn't any happier about being the only male Dæmon either.

As much as she loves her dad and brothers, Nadia couldn't take the lack of privacy and personal space anymore. At age 18 she set out on her own and moved into an apartment by herself. Her dad and brothers still visit from time to time, and she gets the occational phone call from her mom, sisters, and brother in New France. But still, she often considers attending College at Oxford. But Brytain is so far away from the security of home. It's tempting... but could she ever truly be comfortable living so far away from her family?

Other: Nadia is still a daddy's girl, and when she's alone she'll often talk about home with Adrastos. She was close to her maternal grandmother, whom passed away when Nadia was 11. In front of others, she'll hide her emotions or change the subject, often pretending she has a cold if she should find herself tearing up or sniffling. In private however, her emotions flow free, and only her Dæmon knows the true Nadia.

Nadia also has a tattoo of a butterfly upon her outter right thigh. Adrastos tried to reason why that wasn't such a good idea, but Nadia didn't listen to him. After finding out how baddly they can hurt, she began to wish she had. After that she recieved a week full of "I told you so!"s.

Nadia also happens to be left handed, a bit shy, and loves the color turquoise blue. Very few knew about her tattoo nor her emotions as both of them are usually well hidden. The few people wo know Nadia are often surprised once they catch a glipse of her in shorts, revealing part if not all of the butterfly in question.

Dæmon Name: Adrastos

Dæmon Animal: Snowy Owl

Dæmon Appearance:

Dæmon Personality: Adrastos has a calm, introverted nature, with cool logic, and he is quite impatient with crowds of people. He tends to whisper ironic comments in Nadia's ear, as well as give her logical advice. Adrastos often tries to hide his soft side from everyone, including Nadia.

Role Play Sample:
It was a beautiful spring day, clear blue skies, sun shining, and everyone was outside enjoying the weather. Everyone that is except for Nadia Jeanes. While most had jobs or school to get to, and others simply wanted to take advantage of the weather while it lasted, Nadia was content to lounge in bed with a good book. Barefoot, clad in a blue night gown with pink butterflies, Nadia appeared as though she didn't have a care in the world. That was a facade she pulled off nicely.

A snowy owl was perched on the headboard directly behind the young woman. Tilting his head to the left, the owl gently pulled at Nadia's pony tail with his beak. "What chapter are you readin' now?" the bird inquired coolly. His person rolled her eyes and replied, "The same chapter I was readin' the last three times you asked me that, Adrastos."

Adrastos fluffed his feathers and turned from tugging at her strands of loose hair to instead preening his own beautiful white feathers. Nadia sighed, turning another page. Her Dæmon knew something was on her mind, but he wasn't about to press her for information. If Nadia wanted to talk to him about it, she would in her own time. Which, as he was well aware, would be any minute now.

"What am I gonna do, Adrastos?" Nadia placed a marker in her book, tucking it under her pillow afterward.

"Is this 'bout the bills again?" the Dæmon answered her question with a question as he hopped from his previous perch onto the girl's shoulder. Nadia held out her arm directly in front of herself and Adrastos flew across to perch upon the extended limb. "I just don't think I can afford the payment this month." Nadia replied finally, looking into the owl's large round eyes. "You should've thought 'bout that before spending yer savin's on that dumb tattoo. I tried to tell you that tattoo was a bad idea, but would you listen to me? Noooo. Now, yer broke and..."

"I know, I know! You told me already!" Nadia swiftly interrupted her ranting snowy owl, "But it's too late to worry 'bout that now. The rent is due any day now, and I still have the electric and gas bill to pay..." There was a knock on the door. Tensing up from the sudden sound, Nadia stared nervously toward the source. Spreading his wings Adrastos leapt off his perch and flew across the room toward the bedroom doorway. He beckoned for Nadia to follow, which she did so gingerly.

Peering cautiously around the corner Nadia watched as Adrastos flew toward the front door, peering into the peep hole with one large yellow eye. Rotating his head completely around to face Nadia without changing his current position, Adrastos told her calmly, "It's Mr. Goff. Probably here to collect his blood money."

"Oh, no...." Nadia hissed between her teeth as she slowly approached the door. As she opened the door she was met by a tall, older man, dressed in a fashion that gave the impression of being better than everyone else. He promptly let himself in. Nadia slowly shut the door behind him, pressing her back against it as if to bolt should things turn ugly. Mr. Goff turned to face his tenent, a small black rat poking her head out of his shirt pocket. "Do you know why I'm here, Ms. Jeanes?"

"'Cause yer not outside enjoying the weather?" Nadia joked awkwardly, trailing off into a nervous laugh. Adrastos perched on her shoulder, eying the small rat as she scurried nervously up her person's chest and to his shoulder. She whispered something into Mr. Goff's ear, to which he replied, "No, Ms. Jeanes. And get your Dæmon under control. Constentine is not his lunch."

"I know he's an owl, and owl's eat mice, but Adrastos ain't gonna hurt her. Are you, Adrastos?" Nadia looked toward her Dæmon, hoping he wouldn't say anything too offensive. Fluffing up his feathers in an indignant manner, the Dæmon whispered into Nadia's ear, "I don't eat sewer rats." to which Nadia placed a hand over her mouth to stifle a small giggle.

"I don't find anything funny about your late rent payment." Mr. Goff replied seriously, "It was due yesterday. As you never paid, I decided to come to you and collect."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Goff. Really. But I ain't got the money right now. If I could have some time..." Nadia reasoned. "I gave you 24 hours. That should be plenty of time." Mr. Goff responded, Constentine smirking from her position on his shoulder. "No. It ain't enough time. In fact, I find it very unfair." Nadia rebuttaled, "I need another week, at least."

Mr. Goff appeared to be considering Nadia's proposition. His Dæmon whispered in his ear, he nodded his head periodically mumbling words of agreement and contemplation. Finally he gave the girl his decision, "You have until tomorrow." He headed toward the door, causing Nadia to swiftly side step out of his path, "If it's not paid by then, you best pack your belongings." With that he was gone. And Nadia found herself alone once more with only her Dæmon for company.

Without hesitation she ran into her bedroom and quickly dressed herself, hurrying out the door and to the telegraph office. "Where are we goin'?" Adrastos asked as he flew out the door behind her. "I'm sendin' a message to my Dad." Nadia replied as she reached the office. "Oh, no. Yer not borrowin' money again, are you? You seriously need to go out and find a job, Nadia."

"I know that. I ain't stupid, Adrastos. But, even if I'd get a job right now, there ain't no way I'll have my first pay check by tomorrow." Nadia explained hurriedly as it finally reached her turn at the desk. She gave the man her father's name and address, and proceeded to word her message in the urgency of her need for money.
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