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Dec 5 2012, 11:11 PM
Name: Lilyan Bellrose

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Homeworld: Lyra's world


Lilyanne is a pale-skinned, blue-eyed and has brown hair. She has long, beautiful, shining curls, sometimes they straightened or pinned up. She is clean and her clothes are Jeans, Blouses and so an but sometimes also beautiful dresses.
Her height is 5'11 but she looks and moves graceful. Her body size is petite. She wears often dark Jeans and Shirts or Blouses but she likes also fancy and beautiful dresses. Her face shape is rounded.


Lilyanne is usually very nice but when something or someone is aggravating her, then she can be very angry. She is a very strong and ensnaring woman and has a warm and nice nature; all in one: she's a nice, warm and lovely seductress. Lillyanne has a very strong, kind and passionate temper but she's also manipulative. Lilyanne is very lady-like and has very good manners. She likes good conversations, nice and funny people and sometimes she likes getting into fights. Lilyanne hates drugs but when she's nervous or angry, she smokes a cigarette. She cares a lot what the people think of her, so she's very stylish and light rouged.

Lilyann likes playing poker or black jack with other adults and she likes also good drinks like Brandy, Tokay or Martini.

Lilyanne has definitely an Australia Temper; she's easy to anger, snaps into rages but she can control herself. She's also very passionate and loves the life. She likes strong, rough but calm men with muscles. She feels love towards many people and children. When Lilyanne loves someone, she gets blushed start to shake and she feel the butterflies in her stomach.

She loves children. She hasn't children on her own but she want to. She isn't married but her dream is to find the real love of her life and making a wonderful family.

She is very clever and knows many important people. She was at a really good college and studied scholarship. She has an excellent degree.

Her parents were loving and they gave Lilyanne everything, so she's a little bit spoiled. She hasn't any brothers or sisters.

History: Lilyanne was born, not knowing what sort of life she would have. She lived a happy privileged child-life with home staff and a lot of money. Her father was a famous politican, he was killed with poison at a meeting in Russia. Her mother was a scholar and member of the Magesterium and the church. She was killed by an opponent of the Magesterium. She swore: I'll avenge my parents!

Dæmon Animal: White Tiger

Dæmon Appearance:

Kovu is a gentle white tiger but he's also very proud. His voice is deep and rough but nice. He has green blue eyes, white and black striped fur, and a strong-structured body that could injure a man with one attack. Kovu tries to be gentle and he tries to speak soft and polite.

Dæmon Personality:

Kovu is very proud but not arrogant. He's gentle, kind and loyal. He loves Lilyanne deeply.

(I really don't know, how I can get pics in here...sorry xD )
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