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 Character Form, Please use this to create a character!
 Posted: Jul 13 2010, 05:22 PM

Why? You joking?

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[b]How did you find The Aurora?[/b]:

[b]Contact details[/b]: (optional)


[b]Application Progress[/b]:







[b]Weapons:[/b] (Optional)





[b]Dæmon Name:[/b]

[b]Dæmon Animal:[/b]

[b]Dæmon Appearance:[/b]

[b]Dæmon Personality:[/b]

[b]Role Play Sample:[/b]

Name/Alias: How should we address you? You don't have to expose your real name if you want to, an alias is fine. If you want to be addressed as your character name then that's cool as well.

How did you find The Aurora?: How did you bump into The Aurora?

Contact details: How do we contact you? If you want to leave an email or MSN it's fine. If you want us to contact you through PM or cbox, then that's cool as well. I strongly discourage leaving your home address, home telephone number or mobile number in the Aurora.

Application Progress: Is your character application profile complete? Or do you still want to work on it? If so, please place WIP, or other similar indicators in this field so that the staff will not accidentally review your character profile before you're fnished with it!

Name: . . . Fairly obvious Click here for a random name generator

Age: . . . Again Obvious enough

Gender: The hardest question of all.

Race: They can be: Human,Gyptian, Mulefa, Panserbjørne, Angel, Gallivespian or Witch. Click the names of the race for additional information on them. Humans do not have a link due to very obvious reasons. xD

Affiliation: Magisterium? Republican? Neutral? Does your character have a strong mindset for or against one of the major power players in her world? Or is your character against everyone? Or is your character unaware of the ongoing power struggle?

You are most welcomed to change your character's affiliation here as the RP progresses, and the criteria here is only just to help other members understand your character better.

Homeworld: Lyra's World, Will's World etc.

Weapons: (Optional, we do recognise the fact that some people never carry weapons. xD) What weapons does your character possess? Please keep a realistic amount of weapons, only what could possibly be carried.

Appearance: Although I will accept pictures, and greatly urge you to have one, you also need to write some more things about them. Think about physical characteristics such as, hair colour, eye colour, facial structure, frame, lips, nose, clothes etc.

Personality: This should be a good length. Go over your characters likes and dislikes, hates and loves, are they friendly? Are they a loner? Intelligence, sociality, beliefs. Everything that makes that character who they are.

History: Your character's past.

Other: Anything else not specified.

Note: Dæmons are only owned by humans. Remember that though humans from other worlds have dæmons, they cannot see them.

Dæmon Name: Obvious. . . Click here for a daemon name generator.

Dæmon Animal: What animal does your character's dæmon take the form of.

Dæmon Appearance: Like your character's appearance, this is a rundown of your dæmon's physical traits.

Dæmon Personality: The personality of your dæmon (see 'Personality' for what should be placed here).

Role Play Sample: Just a short paragraph, longer than 8 sentences using your character.


Please check out the Aurora's Encyclopaedia for some helpful articles on character development and HDM in general!

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