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 Canon Character List, A list of every canon in The Aurora
 Posted: Jul 13 2010, 03:38 PM

Why? You joking?

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Canon Character List

Here lies a detailed list of the canon characters in His Dark Materials. The characters are divided according to their alliances, and a full description of the Magisterium and the Republic of Heaven are in the Plot here. PBs in italics are not set in stone, but PBs which are not in italics are, simply because the characters have appeared in the film.

You may note that some daemon names are left as --. This is because the daemons were not named in either the trilogy or the films, and members who choose to play that particular canon has the freedom to name their daemons.

Characters in bold are taken.
Characters in italics are reserved.
Characters struck through are dead

The Republic of Heaven

Lord Asriel Belacqua & Stelmaria
The explorer and commander of the Republic of Heaven, he is fierce, determined and commands great respect in both the political and academical spheres. Asriel is a military leader and a fellow of Jordan's College, Oxford. Cold, seemingly unapproachable, commandeering to his servants and stern to his peers, he is the best embodiment of the end justifying the means, though Asriel loves his daughter to a hilt, and would do anything for her. Asriel's daemon is a snow leopard called Stelmaria.
PB: Daniel Craig :: Played By: Remus Asriel Lupin

King Ogunwe & --
An African King from Lyra's World who is working with Lord Asriel to establish the Republic of Heaven. He is a senior commander of Asriel's army, is loyal, believes in Asriel, is proud to fight for Asriel's cause, and has a cheetah for a daemon.
PB: Djimon Hounsou :: Played By:

One of the oldest angels who was part of the first Rebellion, Xaphania aligns herself with Lord Asriel, and is again, one of his most trusted commanders. The angel sees and believes in Asriel's great vision, and in her opinion, if Asriel's Republic fails, mankind will be doomed to oppression forever. Being an angel, Xaphania has no daemon.
PB: Dame Judi Dench :: Played By:

The spy captain of the Gallivespians and another one of Asriel's commanders, Lord Roke is arrogant, proud, haughty but an excellent spy, given his tiny size. He rides a tiny hawk, like all other Gallivespians, and is also the leader of every other Gallivespian, who has come to help Asriel's cause. Being a Gallivespian, Lord Roke has no daemon, but is in possession of a n elegant blue hawk.
PB: None :: Played By:

Madame Oxentiel
Lord Roke's second in command. Being a Gallivespian, she has no daemon, but is in possession of a dragonfly, which she uses to ride on.
PB: None :: Played By:

Chevalier Tialys
A Gallivespian spy who works for Lord Roke. He is currently positioned as a spy on The Society of the Work of the Holy Spirit in the College of St Jerome, headquarters of the Consistorial Court and he is constantly relaying reports of the Magisterium's activites via the lodestone resonator. Being a Gallivespian, he has no daemon, but rides on a red and yellow dragonfly.
PB: None :: Played By:

Lady Salmakia 
A Gallivespian spy who works with Chevalier Tialys and is also a spy on The Society of the Work of the Holy Spirit. Being a Gallivespian, she has no daemon, but rides on a blue dragonfly with a light in its tail.
PB: None :: Played By:

An angel of the lower orders, Balthamos is an angel who, with his lover, Baruch, has discovered the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, and is flying to Lord Asriel to reveal them to him. He is wise, sarcastic, and is able to communicate with his lover over great distances, due to their strong bonds of love. Being an angel, Balthamos has no daemon.
PB: Tim Roth :: Played By:

An angel of the lower orders, Baruch, with his lover, Balthamos, has discovered the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, and is flying to Lord Asriel to reveal them to him. In life, he was the brother of Enoch, or Metatron, but was cast away by his brother, for unknown reasons. Being an angel, Baruch has no daemon.
PB: Sacha Baron Cohen :: Played By:

Ruta Skadi & Sergi
Ruta Skadi is the Queen of the Latvian Witches, and Lord Asriel's some-time lover. She joins the angels, and ultimately aligns herself with Asriel's Republic. This witch is 416 years old, is fearless and full of beauty. Her daemon is a bluethroat.
PB: Liv Tyler :: Played By:

Lee Scoresby & Hester
Lee Scoresby is a 59 year old aeronaut and prospector, having in his possession a hot air balloon. He is from New Dane, and is a Texan. Scoresby is friends with Iorek Brynison and he is honest, loyal, and has a great sense of honour and duty. All Lee really wants, though, is to retire peacefully and return to his homeland. The aeronaut has aligned himself with Asriel's Republic, after accidentally participating in a conference organized by Richard Mackenzie for the Resistance against the Magisterium in London. His daemon takes the form of a hare.
PB: Sam Elliot :: Played By: Lee Scoresby

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Authority
The Authority was the leader of the Kingdom of Heaven, but being old, weak, and increasingly senile, he has handed over power to his Regent, Metatron. The Authority claims to be the all creator, but is actually one of the oldest angels who took charge of the kingdom, nothing more. He is responsible for exiling Xaphania when she discovered that he was just an angel. The Authority travels in the Clouded Mountain. It is unknown whether he is still involved in the day to day running of the Kingdom. Being an angel, the Authority has no daemon.
PB: George Lazenby :: Played By:

Metatron is the Regent of the Authority, and is an angel of the highest order. He was a powerful human being before becoming the Lord Regent of the Authority. He is the brother of Baruch, and was responsible for casting him out. Proud and ambitious, Metatron plans to set up a permanent inquisition in all the worlds, and run it directly from the Kingdom. Being an angel, Metatron has no daemon.
PB: Paul Bettany :: Played By:

Marisa Coulter & Ozymandias
Marisa Coulter is the leader of the General Oblation Board (Gobblers) who are responsible for the kidnappings of the children and the various experiments on them in the secret place of Bolvanger. She is the former lover of Lord Asriel, and the mother of Lyra Belacqua. Vivacious, stunning, charming and yet cunning and a manipulative liar, Mrs Coulter's motives are never as obvious as they seem. She has plenty of lovers including Lord Carlo Boreal. Her daemon takes the form of a golden haired monkey who is every bit as nasty as she is.
PB: Nicole Kidman :: Played By: marisacoulter09

Father MacPhail & --
Father MacPhail is the President of the Consistorial Court. Elected young, and undoubtedly one of the most powerful people in the Magisterium, he is intelligent and ruthless, and seeks to destroy Dust, at whatever the cost. His daemon takes the form of a lizard.
PB: Ewan MacGregor :: Played By:

Fra Pavel & --
Fra Pavel is a priest and the alethiometrist for the Consistorial Court of Discipline. He is slow in his readings, but is extremely careful. His daemon is a frog.
PB: Simon McBurney :: Played By:

Father Luis Gomez & --
Father Gomez is the youngest member of the Consistorial Court of Discipline, and a practitioner of pre-emptive penance, so that one day, he can kill someone without being damned. He is an assassin, is brave and loyal to the Magisterium, and his daemon takes the form of a beetle.
PB: Marc Anthony :: Played By:

Dame Hannah Relf & --
Dame Hannah is the head of the only all girls college in Oxford. She is wise and attentive, although some disturbing evidence has come to light that she is selling the students of her college to the Gobblers. Her motive for doing this is not known. Her daemon takes the form of a marmoset.
PB: Julie Walters :: Played By:

The Innocent

Lyra Belacqua & Pantalaimon
The eleven year old illegitimate daughter of Marisa Coulter and Lord Asriel, Lyra believes herself an orphan and is unaware of her true parents' identity. Plucky, brave, and an expert liar, she has lived in Jordan's College all her life, and is now in London, brought there by Marisa Coulter under the promise of a journey to the North. The girl has discovered the fact that Coulter leads the Gobblers though, and is now on the run. Her daemon has not settled.
PB: Dakota Blue Richards ::Played By: Lyra Belacqua

Reserved By: Essamill

Roger Parslow & Sarcillia
Roger Parslow is Lyra Belacqua's close friend. His parents are employed as masons in Jordan's College, and he is a kitchen boy. Roger has a sense of adventure, but is more cautionary than Lyra, and often follows her on her little adventures around Oxford. (which includes climbing the rooftops of Jordan's, exploring the cellars below Jordan's, and getting himself involved in the clay wars held by the children of Oxford) The boy has disappeared, many suspect that he is kidnapped by the Gobblers. Being a servant, Roger's daemon is unsettled but often takes the form of a terrier.
PB: Ben Walker :: Played By:

Billy Costa & --
Billy Costa is a Gyptian, and is the son of Ma Costa. He is a friend of Lyra's and has disappeared. Many suspect that he is kidnapped by the Gobblers. His daemon has not settled.
PB: Charlie Rowe :: Played By:

Tony Costa & --
Tony Costa is the Gyptian adolescent brother of Billy Costa, and his mother is Ma Costa. He is brave, and would do anything to protect Billy.
PB: Steven Loton :: Played By:

Ma Costa & --
Ma Costa is the mother of Billy and Tony Costa, and is also a Gyptian. She is charismatic, and is the leading member of a Gyptian family, and is the head of the Costas. Lord Asriel had hired her to nurse Lyra when she was a baby. Ma Costa had protected Lyra when the late Edward Coulter had attempted to kill the girl. After Asriel's trail, Ma Costa offered to care for Lyra, but her application was denied by the courts. Kind, fierce, and just a little protective over her family, her daemon takes the form of a hawk.
PB: Clare Higgins :: Played By:

Lord John Faa & --
Lord John Faa is the leader of the Western Gyptians. Lord Faa is sick of the Gobblers of kidnapping Gyptian children and is itching for some sort of revenge. The Gyptian is loyal to Lord Asriel, as Asriel had shown great friendship to the Gyptians by helping them before. Lord Faa has kept an eye on Lyra Belacqua in Oxford, and has sent news of her to her father. He is brave and courageous, and his daemon takes the form of a crow.
PB: Jim Carter :: Played By:

Farder Coram & Sophonax
Farder Coram is one of the leaders of the western Gyptians. He had rescued the beautiful witch clan Queen Serafina Pekkala, and had felt in love with her, leading to the birth of his infant son, who died during a plague. He is old, wise, and is crippled with disease, often seen to be shaking. His daemon takes the form of a beautiful autumn coloured cat.
PB: Tom Courtenay :: Played By:

Serafina Pekkala & Kaisa
Serafina Pekkala is the witch queen of Lake Enara. She is 300 years old, and is considered young when compared to other witches. She was the lover of Farder Coram, owing him a debt for saving her life from another witch's daemon, bearing him an infant son who had died in childhood. She is loyal, skilled, fearless, and is excellent in archery, but is also passionate, and feels the pain of the people around her deeply. This witch is very close to nature, she enjoys the star tingle and the music of the aurora borealis. Her daemon takes the form of a snow goose.
PB: Eva Green :: Played By: Serafina Pekkala

Juta Kamainen & --
Juta Kamainen is a young witch (100 years old). She had fell in love with Stanislaus Grumman and he rejected her. Her love soured into a terrible hate and she has sworn to kill him the next time she meets him. She is stubborn, but has a colourful style, and her daemon takes the form of a robin.
PB: Mylène Jampanoï :: Played By:

Dr. Martin Lanselius & --
Dr Lanselius is the counsul to the witches in Norroway. He represents the witches to the outside world. There have been rumours that he is an acquaintance of Sebastian Makepeace, an alchemist and former scholar of Merton College. Dr Lanselius's daemon form is not known.
PB: David Wenham :: Played By:

The Master of Jordan's College & --
The Master of Jordan's College has taken Lyra under his protection under the request of Lord Asriel, and has kept the identity of her parents a secret. He is fond of Lyra, and is old and wise. His daemon takes the form of a raven.
PB: Jack Shepherd :: Played By:

Lord Carlo Boreal & --
Lord Carlo Boreal is a power hungry nobleman and a lover of Marisa Coulter. Ruthless, and cunning, Lord Boreal knows the location of a window to another world (Will's World) and passes through it with ease. He has kept this knowledge a secret from everyone else, and has amassed great wealth in Will's World as well, going under the alias of Sir Charles Latrom. The old man is well connected in both worlds, and his daemon takes the form of a snake.
PB: Ian McKellen :: Played By:

Ama & Kulang
Ama is a herdsman's young daughter. She is superstitious, curious and kind, often going out of her way to help others. Ama lives in the Himalayas, and her daemon has not settled yet.
PB: Jodelle Ferland :: Played By:

Iorek Brynison
Iorek Brynison is an exiled ice bear, residing in Norroway for the moment, and he is the rightful king of the armoured bears. He was exiled after the current pretender to the throne, Iofur Rakinson tricked him into killing another bear in a duel. His armour was confiscated, and he had proceeded to fashion a new one for himself, when after a night in Norroway which had caused the bear to damage half of Norroway in a drunken stampede, his second armour was taken away by the people of Norroway. Iorek is forced to work (repairing and fixing metal objects, as armoured bears are famed for their skill in fixing objects) in Norroway now to repay the damages he has caused, and he is promised freedom and his armour when he finishes repaying his debt. Iorek is brave, noble and honourable. Being an armoured bear, he has no daemon, but his armour is his soul and without it, he is nothing.
PB: None :: Played By:

Iofur Raknison
Iofur Raknison is the pretender to the throne of the armoured bears in Svalbard. Iofur had tricked the rightful heir to the throne, Iorek into killing another bear, causing Iorek to be exiled, and Iofur to ascend the throne. He is cunning, and full of treachery, willing to sell his kingdom to the highest bidder. Iofur is currently bought by the gold of the Republic of Heaven, and he will be loyal to their cause unless they stop paying him. Being an armoured bear, Iofur has no daemon, but his ultimate ambition is to have a daemon like a human, and is often seen carrying a stuffed doll, treating it as if it were his daemon.
PB: None :: Played By:

Wanderers of The Other Worlds

Will Parry
Will Parry is the twelve year old son of Major John Parry, who has disappeared during a journey to the Arctic in his world, and Elaine Parry, who suffers from a multitude of psychological problems. Will is brave and very clever, being accustomed to hardship from young as he has to take care of his mother. He loves her very much. Will is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, and he can not see his daemon.
PB: Thomas Sangster :: Played By:

Elaine Parry
Elaine Parry is the wife of John Parry and the mother of Will Parry. She suffers from a multitude of psychological problems, and is often paranoid and uncertain of herself. However, she loves her son very much, blissfully unaware that her problems have cost Will much of his childhood as he dutifully cares for her and loves her very much. Elaine is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, and she can not see his daemon.
PB: Helena Bonham Carter :: Played By:

John Parry & Sayan Kötör
Major John Parry is an Arctic explorer and the father to Will Parry. He had suspected that windows between worlds existed, and when looking for one of them, had inadvertently wandered into Lyra's universe when Will was a mere baby. In Lyra's world, he became known as "Stanislaus Grumman" and "Jopari". Brave and wise, he is known as a famous explorer and a shaman in Lyra's world. As he has now entered Lyra's World, he can see his daemon, and she takes the form of an osprey.
PB: Alan Rickman:: Played By:

Dr Mary Malone
Dr Mary Malone is a nun turned scientist who works in Will's Oxford and she studies dark matter there. Her research unit is at the point of being closed down by Sir Charles Latrom (see Lord Carlo Boreal) due to lack of funds. Dr Malone is disillusioned with religion, and is eager to prove the existence of dark matter. She is passionate over her job and is brave enough to stand up for it even though her research has came up with nothing so far. Dr Mary is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, and she can not see her daemon.
PB: Catherine Zeta-Jones :: Played By:

Giacomo Paradisi
Giacomo Paradisi is the bearer of the subtle knife, a knife which can cut through anything and can open windows into other worlds. He is a scholar, and lives in the Torre degli Angeli, the same place where the Guild of Scholars had created the knife in the world of Cittagaze. Giacomo is one of the only authorities in all the worlds on the history of the subtle knife and how one can use it. Being a bearer of the subtle knife, Giacomo Paradisi has two fingers missing from his left hand, as have all the other bearers of the knife. This is the "badge of the bearer" As Giacomo is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, he can not see his daemon.
PB: Paul Newman :: Played By:

Angelica lives in Cittagaze with her younger brother, Paolo, and her older brother, Tullio. She is a street urchin, and her parents have either fled the country or worse, eaten by the Specters. Angelica is protective over her younger brother and seems to have a lot of power over the urchins in Cittagaze, and can summon them to work together as a mob to attack dangerous outsiders if she deems it fit. As Angelica is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, she can not see her daemon.
PB: Danielle Panabaker :: Played By:

Paolo is a little boy who lives in Cittagaze with his older sister and older brother, Angelica and Tullio respectively. He is a street urchin, and his parents have either fled the country or worse, eaten by the Specters. As Paulo is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, he can not see his daemon.
PB: Matthew Price :: Played By:

Tullio is lives in Cittagaze and is the older brother of Angelica and Paolo. His parents have either fled the country or worse, eaten by the Specters. He is ambitious and selfish, and is aware that Giacomo Paradisi holds the Subtle Knife, a knife which he can use to cut his way out of Cittagaze and escape from the Specters, and the boy wants to steal the Knife. As Tullio is from a different world to the other canon characters so far, he can not see his daemon.
PB: Alex Pettyfer :: Played By:

Atal is a Zalif (an individual) from the World of the Mulefa. She is eager to learn, curious and quick to form friendships. Atal is well versed in the Mulefa's languages and ways of life. Being a mulefa, Atal has no daemon.
PB: - :: Played By:

Sattamax is a Mulefa Elder, a Zalif of high importance due to his age and wisdom. He is aware of the inexplicable demise of the Seedpod trees and is anxious to remedy the problem. Due to his position and wisdom, he commands great respect and influence from the Mulefas around him. Being a mulefa, Atal has no daemon.
PB: - :: Played By:

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