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 The Blackout of Brytain
 Posted: Jul 22 2018, 12:54 PM

Why? You joking?

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The Blackout of Brytain

There has been a massive unexplained blackout in London and Oxford. Everything which runs on anbaric energy has stopped working. This includes the new furnicular trains which are now stuck in tunnels and anbaric lights which do not work. Radio communications have been similarly disrupted. Telephones have been patchy, at best.

It is now 8am on a Sunday. Not everyone knows what has happened due to the collapse in communications.

But Magisterium officers who reside in the College of St Jerome will have noticed a sudden increase in activity at the College of St Jerome...

Chronology of Events
22/07 - A massive blackout has occurred. Everything which runs on anbaric energy has stopped working. There is static in the radios. The telephones are patchy.

Anyone! It is entirely up to you how your character(s) will react to this. Their participation will determine the way this will play out!

Your characters are welcome to create new threads to deal with the fallout of this incident/interact with other characters. To keep things in order, please post all related threads in this board only!

If you would like to participate with an NPC character, please post with the NPC account. Details below:
Username: NPC
Password: password

Unlockable Event #1
If more than three characters (NPC's included lodge police reports or otherwise create a loud ruckus over the blackout, the Magisterium will immediately declare a curfew.

If less than three characters (NPC's included) create a loud ruckus, or otherwise deal with this matter calmly, the Magisterium will devote their attention and resources elsewhere and the people will be free to come up with other ways to overcome this blackout.

Members who do not want to participate in this can continue posting as normal in the other boards.

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