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 The Aurora's OOC RP Discord Channel
 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 05:48 PM

Why? You joking?

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Hi everyone!

Given how successful the Aurora's Discord channel is right now, and how convenient it would be for some of our members to RP on Discord, I am trying out a new OOC RP channel at our Discord server.

How will this work?
All members with characters (new or old, whether currently accepted or not for RP-ing or not) can choose to RP in the OOC themed RP channel here. There will be no minimum word counts for posts, but there will be no Godmodding of other characters, and no sex, violence or murder. Members are free to Godmode the Avengers and other NPC's themselves.

Nothing which happens in the OOC RP channel will affect the character's main plotlines in the board.

And yes, you can introduce other OC characters from other fandoms if you want. This will be your only chance for cross-fandom play in the Aurora.

Your characters will be interacting in themed environments. This month's theme is The Battle of New York featured in The Avengers. Here's a clip: The Battle of New York

Essentially, your characters will be placed in the middle of the Battle of New York. Will they be running for their lives? Will they be joining the Avengers to fight the Chitauri? Will they be gawking and taking pictures? The answer is up to you!

Note that your characters will never die. Whether they know that or not is up to you. wink.gif

I don't know anything about anyone's characters!
Please post your character details in the Quick Profiles channel here. This is a basic cheatsheet of your character (should take no longer than 5 minutes), which should help everyone reacquaint themselves with the Aurora.

How long will this event run for?
The initial plan is to refresh the themes every month. Happy to adjust this depending on how this plays out.

I have recommendations/suggestions on future themes!
Send me a note. You know where to find me. smile.gif

Any questions or comments? Let me know below.

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