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Richard Mackenzie


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Oct 21 2014, 01:38 AM
The Winchester was, naturally, his pub of choice at Oxford. It had the largest selection of whiskeys, (him paying for most of it didn't hurt) music which did not touch Wagner with a ten foot broomstick, and best of all, the widest selection of fish pies Morpheusa could stuff down her throat without nagging him about something or other. Women knew that The Winchester was a respectable establishment, and weren't as wary of it as other pubs.

And the proprietor was a staunch Republican and a starry eyed idealist. That really helped.

Richard entered the pub with Sophie and slid into the nearest empty booth. The establishment wasn't packed, but there were still a fair few people milling about with their drinks and food. Morpheusa yawned and dramatically flopped onto the floor.

The man was sure Jordan's College could feel her shockwaves.

Idiot. Keep a look out for me would you?

Don't call people idiots if you want favours from them.

But the white tigress kept half an eye out as her human settled down. A waiter immediately appeared and Richard handed him his flask.

"Fill that up with the best whiskey you've got. And for this lady over here..."

Richard motioned at Sophie.

"Anything to eat or drink?"
Oct 8 2014, 12:36 AM
Lecture. Entitled Mask Of the Unknown: The Divide Between Experimental Theology and The World. Or so the paper in his hand told him. The only thing Richard Mackenzie could glean from the speaker in front of him was something, something, something, experimental theology, something.

Goddamn. And he had front row seats too, by virtue of his generosity towards Jordan's College. Something he was secretly regretting at the moment. Could he hold the lecture papers in front of his face and fall asleep without anyone noticing?

Don't you dare.

Morpheusa, reclining on three seats beside him, yawned.

Easy for you to say. You can yawn in public and get away with it.

I'm yawning. Not sleeping.

Her human frowned and poured even more whiskey into the cup of tea he was holding. There were two ways this was going to end. Him falling asleep up front, or him running out of whiskey up front.

Richard much preferred the former.
Mar 7 2014, 03:02 AM
Richard leaned against an old tombstone and surveyed the crowd before them.

"Richard! A tombstone is not something you should be leaning against!"

"It gives me the best view!"

The man turned towards the statue of a pig daemon beside him and nodded.

"Hope you don't mind..."

He squinted at the named carved in marble.

"Alegra. Oh for fuck's sake, don't look at me like that. She's dead."

Morpheusa, however, was not pleased with the flippant way her human was treating death at a funeral, and promptly ushered him towards the crowd. A face he knew popped up immediately.

That face was Magisterium.

And that face's hand offered him a hand.

Richard paused, and then shook it.

"He was a good man. He didn't deserve this."

Richard's face was immediately filled with rage.

"Judge Nathon was a good man, and what did he get in return? A system which shat him out and forgot about him with a funeral and an eulogy one year later. Some fucking gratitude we're showing him."


What's he going to do? Gun me down in the middle of the day?

To his credit, the Magisterium looked embarrassed.

"We should have handled this better. Judge Nathon's replacement is...not as good as expected."

"Then you should fix...what's his name? Skape? Skipe? And do it fast."

Richard left the man and moved on. The turnout was enormous, but then again, the man they were commemorating always loomed larger than life in their lives. A postman turned judge was a rags to riches story. A judge who single handedly ran a line of communication between two parties deserved a bit more than this.

Men like that could save lives. Do you remember the truce he brokered for the Mad Daemon Disease?


The Republican, now beside the newly carved statue of Nathon's daemon, Mikosof, lightly touched the tip of one of its wings.

"Goodbye, Mikel. Thanks for the memories."

The white tigress bowed her head at her human's words, only to look up immediately as his sentence was followed by -

Feb 12 2014, 04:03 PM
Richard Mackenzie stood by the door and waited. The voice within the room droned on and on about Latin and the Romans, reminding him why he had decided that ancient languages was best approached with a ten foot stick at the end of a pole.

You approached every subject that way.

Morpheusa sat down on the floor and tossed a glance at her human in amusement.

None of them were very useful. Except economics I suppose.

He tapped the envelope against his palm as he continued to wait. The document contained within was inexplicably written in Latin, was possibly a few hundred years old, and would have been dismissed as antique nonsense, if not for the sketch of a boy, his daemon, and a few vague dotted lines connecting the both of them.

Reckon this Malcolm Whitmore is up to this?

He is the most qualified scholar out of the pool of candidates I identified. It's unfortunate Ryan doesn't know a thing about this or I would have used him instead.

They continued to wait outside for the lecture to end.
Dec 11 2013, 03:09 AM
Richard Mackenzie strode out of the building as if he owned the place. Which he did. Once Mackenzie International signed the agreement tomorrow. Labourers were already in place to knock it down and replace it with houses. A newspaper had reported that his company owned a majority of the land in London and Brytain, only ranking behind the Magisterium in terms of landholdings.

Real estate. Such a happy happy thing.

All jolly news, and with the development of the slums going smoothly, nothing could dampen his mood today. So far.

"See you later, boys!"

There was a cheerful chorus of 'goodbyes' from the builders as he walked out. The man was nothing if not popular with everyone. What he had learnt (and not a moment too soon according to One Fat White Tigress) was that his image was as potent a weapon as a gun. To defuse a tight situation without firing a bullet. Wouldn't that be grand?


Of course, no harm in wielding both if necessary. He had unnaturally good aim.

In your head. You have unnaturally good aim in your head. When it comes to guns and things, you're neither here nor there.

And what are you good at? Stuffing your face?

They rounded a corner and a shimmering light immediately caught his eye. He took three inches to his right and it disappeared. He stepped back to his original spot and it reappeared again.

A window! Finally! For a few weeks, he thought they had suddenly disappeared.

Can't you see who else is standing near you??

It was also located -

Right. Behind. Liam.

We should walk away, Richard!

The man approached the window cautiously, as if it was a pigeon which would fly away at the slightest disturbance.

"Liam! Liam!"
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Oct 10 2012, 01:40 AM
Edward Branson
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Oct 8 2012, 07:18 PM
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Oct 8 2012, 01:39 AM
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