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Jaqi Oaklin


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Jun 9 2018, 10:47 AM
Hello Aurora! How exciting is this news? Can't wait to see it!!
Nov 16 2012, 06:58 AM
Jaqi scrambled through the tall grass back to Richard and Jake. Furo simply leapt high and across the dry storks. He snapped his jaws at the little field insects that flew up into the air as they disturbed the vegetation.

She caught the ending conversation between the two men. 'What is it? Where are we going? Why would we need to kill anyone?'

Then they set off.
Aug 12 2012, 01:51 PM
Hey guys!!

Some of you may know that on 8 Aug, 2012, I successfully attended the Melbourne premiere of Bourne Legacy and met Jeremy Renner. He was a very nice guy. Took a photo with me, signed both of my lion drawings that I gave him and I was even able to make him chuckle with the cartoons. Here is the photo of the signed drawings, the newspaper that informed me of his presence in Melbourne, and the pamphlet thing that the staff was handing out before he came on.

And here's a picture of me and him xDD

And as some of you may know, I was pretty obsessed with him. So it had been quite an experience. I am still in disbelief actually with the fact that he held and laughed at my drawings of him.

Thought I'd share it with you all smile.gif
Jul 14 2012, 03:18 PM
They had survived it.

Jaqi stood leaning against a lamp post. Furo's mane brushed her hand gently. She looked down at him and smiled. The muzzle was gone, his claws grown back. His mane was not golden but it was better than the dull brown from a few weeks ago. Both were skinny. They had yet to regain their healthy weight. But it was a start. They weren't starving. Hungry, but not starving.

'Come, we must find Mr Mackenzie,' she said. With the dark clouds looming heavily over their heads, they moved onto the street. It was strange, seeing people walking in their expensive coats as if nothing has happened. No bodies on the floor. No masks. No fear in their eyes. Jaqi looked down at the pavement, for a moment, angered. How could these people not be mourning for the dead? Helping the clean up efforts still in effect over the poorer areas? Looking for missing people? Missing family members. Missing fathers.

Two weeks ago, Jaqi and Furo, though dazed and fogged by the disease, witnessed Edward Branson and Viktoria dragged out and gagged. She had relived it every single night, often waking up in the dead of night screaming for them. Beads of sweat slid down her forehead and she would sit up against the wall, wherever she had settled for the night, and look at nothing for hours until sheer exhaustion overcame her and she can sleep again. Where was he? Where was my father? Live, Dad. Live.

Furo had another story. After the first episode, after his daemon mother saved Jaqi, he had hid under the crate. He remembered it well. Better than Jaqi did. His human had dragged him out of the shed and together had fled away from the guards. Away from everything. The moment they stopped running, he attacked. Not at Jaqi, but at his claws. He ravaged the ground, the trees, the walls, anything within reach that was solidly built, until his claws were nothing but blunt stumps. That night, Jaqi had cried, cradling Furo's bleeding paws. For what was a lion without his mouth, without his claws? Furo twisted and turned in vain away from Jaqi, but the girl had him in such a strong grip. He had another episode the following morning. But he found that he was in more control of himself than the first. He had lunged at her face. Jaqi made no attempt to evade him. If it was what Furo wanted, or if Furo was that far gone, then she did not want to live. This time the muzzle saved her. The third episode happened two days after. His large paws took Jaqi down, bruised her ribs. It was the bluntness of his claws that saved her. The fourth and final episode was four days after that. He made a mad dash towards Jaqi, but he never impacted her for he threw himself away just in time. And then there was no more.

They had survived it.

Edward's voice in Jaqi's mind was stronger than ever. Live, Jaqi. Live. Find Richard. Live. Find Richard. Find him. He will protect you.

'Yes, Dad. You live too.'

I'll be fine. Find Richard. Find him. He will protect you.

Getting to London was not an easy task. It wasn't until a few days ago did the officials offered the cure and opened up previously diseased ravished areas. Jaqi and Furo's task was to avoid detection. And avoid it they did. Her natural ability to maneuver through space has always been her advantage nurtured through years of rough play in her orphanage days. It wasn't until now did she realise how much the lessons Edward and Viktoria had drilled into them had advanced the skill she already possessed. She climbed up walls, crept along branches and slipped easily into the silent shadows. Jaqi didn't know why she was trying to avoid detection, only that she had to. Her father was captured. There were alot of things she didn't know. Until she found out what was happening, she didn't want any attention from anyone.

Food was another challenge. It was difficult to tell what food and drink were still infected. Initially, she had only stolen off people who seemed healthy. But when her needs to satisfy her stomach became more frequent, she had to be content with those left in abandoned houses. She had to take a chance. The disease had come and left her body. Was it possible for her to be reinfected by it? Both girl and lion were not at their usual weight, but it was a large improvement from her worse days with the disease.

Two weeks later.

They were in front of Richard's house. The dark clouds of the night hovered above the area, threatening to engulf all of London in a haze of rain. She went up the steps and knocked his door.

Furo paced the porch, looking at the street. He wanted to get his paws on today's newspaper. No news on their parents so far, but perhaps they had missed an article in today's edition when they were briefly flicking through the pages before. That's when he saw them, the pile of yellowed newspaper delivered to Richard's door, fallen off to the side from the recent rain and wind.

'Jaqi, he's not here,' he said, nosing at the newspaper pile. 'But I smell them,' he added.

The girl looked down at the lion. 'You smell them? But they haven't been collecting their newspapers.'

'It's recent, but not immediate. They're not home.'

'Do you think something happened to them?'

To this, Furo made no comment.

The pair retreated from Richard's house and back onto the street. 'Where to go?'

He will be back, Jaqi. Stay. Edward's voice.

And so, Jaqi went back and sat on the stairs for a while. The lion padded around the garden, picking up no trace of a struggle. Eventually, feeling restless, she stood up and left. She couldn't explain it but these few days, Jaqi had been feeling increasingly apprehensive. Last night, she woke up from a particularly bad dream that had involved Edward and Viktoria. She couldn't wake up from it, but when she did, all her clothes were damp and Furo was shivering from fear. She had no reason and could see no source for her anxiety. But it lingered in her, stuck to her skin like some thick glue. It was particularly strong tonight. Thunder sounded somewhere and the rain started down in earnest. Jaqi hunched up with Furo close to her and walked completely aimlessly around the dark streets of London.
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Jaqi Oaklin
Puh-lease, Jake's face is the epitome of perfection.
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Ex-CUSE me. What perfect face? My face is the face of perfection. I am a weapon of mass seduction.
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Jaqi, Daddy wants to know who Jake is. What do I say, what do I say?
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What is a bed tucker?
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You can have the money, AND Hawkeye as your personal trainer/bodyguard/friend/bed tucker/EVERYTHING
Oct 8 2012, 01:49 PM
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