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 A Guide For New Members
 Posted: Jan 18 2013, 01:51 AM

Why? You joking?

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Good God Remus, the plot to the Aurora is bloody long. Can you simplify it please?

Here you go:

1. Humans in the Aurora have souls in the shape of animals, also known as daemons.
2. No human can touch another person's daemon. This is considered an extreme taboo. The same thing goes for separating a daemon from his human, which will nearly always result in death.
3. The Aurora is set in the Victorian era and is based on Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials".
4. The Magisterium are the dictatorial ruling party of the main world (Lyra's World) who impose strict controls on knowledge and research, while the Republic of Heaven are trying to overthrow them. The morality of both sides are portrayed ambiguously and is not black and white.
5. Travel between worlds is possible, and there are an infinite amount of worlds present in the Aurora. Your character can be from any world. Also note that some worlds may not have daemons.
6. You can also play as witches and armoured ice bears. Because everything is better with bears.

Everything else is below.

No Limits We give your imagination no limits. Philip Pullman's world is your sandbox. Use it in anyway you see fit.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Change Your character has the freedom to do anything. Use them to move the plot forward, give other characters something to play with, add something to the overarching plot of The Aurora. Members are always welcomed to try new things, suggest new plots, influence the outcome of current plots. The Aurora is character driven, and one small reaction by one character may affect thousands. This is the dynamic we thrive on, and nothing can be more satisfying to say that our latest plot is a collaborative effort between everyone. If you have a plot idea, PM Remus, or post it in the Plot Suggestions thread.

Communication Communicate with others. Tell us what you want your next thread to be, and we will make sure you get it.

Can I Be The First X? Yes, of course you can. Provided it is within the setting of the world, your character can become the pioneer of anything.

Or A Character With A High Ranking? Of course!

Your character can be anyone, and any one character can make a substantial difference in the Aurora. Don't be afraid to take the lead, to make a difference, and to influence the plot. And most importantly, have fun while doing it.


1. What should I read before registering?
Do check out our site plot here to see where we are so far.
Reading up on the setting of the Aurora here is a good idea.
Take a look at the society and lifestyle of Lyra's World here.
You can have an idea of what occupation (if any) your character may have here.
Read up on the species available here

2. Must I read the books or watch the film before joining?
It's encouraged to have some knowledge of "His Dark Materials" before joining, but it is not strictly speaking, necessary. The Aurora has deviated from the original plot in many ways and most events are totally AU. The above pages are enough for anyone to jump into the Aurora and start RP-ing immediately.

3. Must my canon strictly follow the books' plot?
Your canon should begin in the same position as their introductory chapter in the books, and possess similar characteristics with the book. As the RP advances, you're free to play them however you want.

4. Asriel has opened the bridge to Cittagaze! Can my character come from Will's World? Can my character in Lyra's World travel to Will's World? Or any of the other worlds?
Yes to both.

5. How do I register?
Hit the register button above and fill in the form with the first and last name of your intended character (middle name is optional), his/her affiliation, gender, etc.

6. But I don't know what character I want to play yet!
Check out our canon list here to see if you're interested in playing a canon character. Email Remus or drop by the cbox for character ideas! Alternately, hit register and fill in the form with a nickname instead of a first and last name. This will be your OOC account and you will be free to interact with us in the OOC section until you are ready to create a character of your own. Once this is done, you're free to link your OOC account with your character account. Click here for more information on how to link your character accounts.

7. Must I have an OOC account?
No. You're free to post in OOC areas with your character account.

8. I've registered an account! What now?
Create a character with this template here and Remus'll look at it as soon as possible. If you have a "face" in mind for your character, please reserve them here

9. What can I do while waiting?
Start a conversation in the cbox! Play a game. Introduce yourself!

10. My character has been accepted! What now?
Remus will contact you with details of the new player adoption program. Alternatively, plot, RP, and most importantly, have fun!

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