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 New World Templates, All you need to know on making a world
 Posted: Jul 13 2010, 09:42 AM

Why? You joking?

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As His Dark Materials is set in a multiverse, it would only make sense if members are given the chance to create new worlds.

This is still a relatively new thing in the Aurora, so as for now, applications are open. Once the staff decides that there are enough new worlds in the Aurora, it will be closed momentarily until a vacant spot reopens to prevent empty boards.

Right now, all new worlds applied will NOT get a category of their own...yet. They will instead be included in a category of "Other Worlds" and be provided with a board and sub-boards. Please be reminded that we are not BANNING people from RPing in your world right now as there are ways for other characters to move between worlds without using a bridge in the Aurora. However, we foresee an even greater influx of characters moving between worlds once the bridge in the Aurora is made, and hence greater access to your new world.

Once the bridge to the other worlds is created, the new world will be given a category, boards and sub-boards of its own.

Alternatively, a member can reserve their new world right now until the bridge has opened. They will then automatically get the category, boards and sub boards for their world. (This is counted as reserving a spot for new worlds and will count against the available slot for new worlds in the Aurora)

After creating a new world, post the thread in this board. Members will vote on it. Other members will have a chance to create new characters based on the species in said world should they choose to do so.

Here's the template. It's not rigid. Members can add categories but MAY NOT delete anyone listed below.:





[b]Social Structure:[/b]


[b]Knowledge of Other Worlds[/b]:

Name: I don't think I need to explain this.

Era: What era is your world in? The stone ages? Medieval? Modern? Futuristic? (You can create other eras)

Species: What species exist in your world? Be creative here. The more you write the easier it would be for other members to RP in your world and create character applications out of it. Some aspects you should touch on are: Physical characteristics, general behaviours, habitats, etc. For a general idea on how this should look like, check out the Aurora Encyclopaedia on the guides to different species.

History: (Thanks to Caz for this suggestion!) No. Not a long winded story on which general betrayed which king and amassed which army to take over which country. A brief summary on the historical developments of your world. IE the first known kingdom, the wars fought, what made your world the way it is today, etc.

Social Structure: How does your world work? Again some description would be good. You can touch on the economic aspect, the law structure, the educational structure, the social hierarchy (if existent), etc.

Landscape: Not as much description as the above categories, but still enough to describe how your world looks like. Mountainous range? Urbanisation everywhere? How about the weather?

Knowledge of Other Worlds: A simple yes or no. You can describe WHY they have knowledge of other worlds if you chose the former.

Images are GREATLY welcomed. Maps, sketches of species, or a drawing of the landscape would really help members RP and understand your world. Insert them in the suitable categories please.

List of Member Created Worlds and Available Slots:

1. Bohumir
2. Ophar
3. Empty!
4. Empty!
5. Empty!

Slots may be increased in the future as the bridge to Cittagaze is opened, depending on member response to the newly created worlds.

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