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 Technical Difficulties
Tim Strowger
 Posted: Jul 22 2018, 07:41 PM


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Tim is leaning in his chair almost ready to drift to sleep it's been a quiet day in the IT department and the guys were talking about a tabletop later on. Tim wasn't much of a role-player like the rest of them with dice and rules it made his head hurt, Others were talking about going to the pub on the weekend and watch the game. Tim hated soccer and slightly could enjoy a rugby game if he could bother to follow along, His passion was the computer network and the vending machine down the hall, And this weekend he had something else in mind. The final bell for the classes were done and he packed his things to go home, a small apartment in the far side of town with a bed, a desk and a large PC.

He recently managed to build a new PC and worked on installing a custom Virtual Private Network (VPN) and was about ready to try it all out. He tossed his bag on his bed and turned on the computer, the fans spinning was lightly hypnotic as he turned on the VPN and started the tor router diving into the deep web praying the internet security would hold. Just browsing the Deep Web was always an adventure and today was no different. He looked around at the various sites he saw the usual. Drug deals, human trafficking, real sickos out there. But there was some of the shadier things, One of them was a rumor he heard on a few chat rooms, a group that discussed things that seemed to be harmless but on the deep web, and those that read them were confused. Tim wanted to learn more.

Looking around he finally managed to find the chat room, and was lost as to why this was on the deep web, There was talks of a Magisterium and a republic, Daemons, DOOT machines, and one word brought up over and over Dust.

"What the hell is this?" Tim thought out loud as he used the browser to look into the source code, maybe there was some reason this was a thing. It wasn't till he was half way through the page when he heard his Internet security alarm go off. He was being hacked. Immediately Tim cuts the power to his Ethernet denying them access and turned off his PC

Tim began mulling the situation over in his head deciding to write the key words on a piece of paper "Magesterium, Daemon, Dust, Doot, and Republic." he frowns as he thinks about them but the idea of the words made his hair stand on end. Leaving his desk Tim Sighs before going to lay back on his bed to sleep.
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