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 Tim Strowger
 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 08:58 AM


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Name/Alias: Jason Cain

How did you find The Aurora?

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Application Progress:ready for criticism
Name: Tim Strowger




Affiliation:He has no idea about the world just yet.

Home-world:Will’s world

Weapons: He works in IT best he has is a multi-tool and even then what is he going to do? Build them a web server?

Appearance:Brown hair brown eyes, Caucasian male, weighs about 205 slightly heavy but not out of shape. When he’s at work he wears a green polo with the university’s logo and tan Kakhis as per the uniform he’s required to wear, during his off time he wears plain shirts and jeans almost exclusively.

user posted image

Personality: Living his life studying computers and how they function can do something to people. It makes them slightly … off this means that while he himself is normal his mentality when he talks to people comes off one of two ways, either they’re a person needing support, or a problem he needs to solve. During his time off he works on refurbishing some of the items around the university to run off of this new technology called the internet of things.

Likes: Computers, electronic games, the internet, Sweet Stuff, Cooking and technology in general.

Hates People who refuse to learn about technology and things that are impossible, people who make things more complicated than they have to be.

Fears Spiders, death, impossible tasks.

Tim attended High School in Pennsylvania while it was fairly uneventful for him one major thing he enjoyed doing was learning more about the computers at the school’s computer lab, one day his teacher gave him the manual for the computer and the operating system to occupy him for the next day. He read both manuals cover to cover. After graduating he applied to go to multiple colleges, after being denied by all colleges instead he applied to a community college and signed up for the only degree that was available Computer Networking.

During his time he managed to graduate with Cum Laude honors. While he was looking for a job he tried to apply for a 4 year college to finish his degree and this time was accepted into Oxford one of the colleges he applied to due to it being Tim Burners Lee’s (the co-founder of the world wide web) Alma Mater, During his time studying for his masters, he paid his way by working at the college’s IT department as an intern and having a part-time job at the nearby Tescos.

After 2 years he graduated with his masters and applied to remain at the college as a fulltime IT tech which they allowed, hiring him fulltime. While there he kept himself up to date on the newest technologies and upgrading the school’s infrastructure to include working on modifying a vending machine outside his office to fit the Internet of Things letting him see if the machine is stocked and cold. He sometimes gets requests from a few of the researchers to assist with programming and building custom setups.

Other:He has a few USB’s on a key chain that contains codes for getting past the campus’ security just in case that stuff is needed.

Dæmon Name:Reavis

Dæmon Animal:Albino Rat

Dæmon Appearance:

user posted image

Dæmon Personality:. Reavis shares Tim’s love of Technology and sometimes “Whispers” into his ear with helpful solutions to a very complex problem when his human is stumped While she cannot directly communicate with him she is still part of him offering him an extra set of eyes on his work.

Role Play Sample:
Tim is staring at the computer screen working on coding a new program for securing the vending machine outside hoping he could modify a backdoor and get free drinks when he gets a phone-call, picking up the receiver he starts off the conversation almost trying to suppress a laugh “Hello IT.” the client on the phone began making the complaint “I’m professor Mary Malone and my password isn’t working, and now I’m locked out.”

Giving a small sigh Tim opens up the MobaXterm to access the campus’s server “Okay miss Malone I just need to verify your identity, can you please provide your ID number.”

After providing it Tim types into the Linux UI “sudo passwd -u Mmalone” upon pressing enter he looks up the calendar and types in the new temp password, “Okay miss Malone your new password is SPRING1304 Spring in all caps. Please try it now to verify that you can get in.”, After a few moments she comes back on “Yes that worked. Thank you very much.” Tim types in <Last Mmalone> and he sees that the date time is correct he nods “I can confirm you logged in. please have a nice day.”

Once she hangs up Tim leans back and stares at the screen when he begins talking to himself “I have to figure out how to insert the code without the other techs catching on, when he gets this nagging feeling in the back of his head “You could hide the files in a redundant subsystem” getting into the base program for the vending machine’s computer he types in <mv ./freebie ../../ And modifies the code to run after a certain combination of buttons is entered.”

Going outside he types in the combination and presses the Coke button and almost tries to suppress a whoop as the can of ice cold soda lands in front of him. Taking his soda and sitting down he leans in his chair “All in a day’s work.”

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 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 06:47 PM

Why? You joking?

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Plot, RP, and most importantly, have fun!

I like the amount of work you've done with Tim and how he's already at Oxford with Mary Malone. Well done!

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