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 Looking For An Heir [MARISA], A few years ago...
 Posted: Mar 14 2013, 06:31 PM


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Father MacPhail's POV

Words in italics indicate Father MacPhail communicating with his daemon, Blawi, telepathically.

Father MacPhail stepped out of the confession box and into the chapel. He had spent the better half of an afternoon performing the task of God, listening to the confessions of those who needed Enlightenment. Hearing about the plague of their Sin and seeing how close they were with their daemons disturbed him. How could no one see how dangerous these creatures were?

His own daemon, Blawi, sat on his right shoulder, her tongue tasting the air before scuttering over to his left. His Blawi was of course an exception. He was God's chosen representative to walk in this world, surely God would not give him a companion filled with Sin!

Still, he was also a Man, and there were moments when he wanted to satisfy his own urges, maybe even an heir . If only she could find someone who was deserving of his stature.

This was however, a delicate situation and even Doug, his personal assistant, would not be able to help. He would have to start vetting candidates on his own.

Father MacPhail approached the church pews, hands clasped behind his back and thought about this deeply as Blawi looked around.


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Marisa Coulter
 Posted: May 4 2013, 06:40 PM


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Marisa remained on her knees before the alter, as it was time for her afternoon prayer. She silently sighed to herself. She hardly actually prayed anymore. She would simply close her eyes, get into position, and she would think about all the things that troubled her. Many things came to mind, but a few of those things were often Lyra and Asriel.

Ozymandias stood, his eyes closed as well. The monkey held his head bowed like Marisa's as he listened to his human's thoughts. Sometimes she truly worried him and the daemon wished there was something he could do to help. She gazed up, her eyes slowly opening after a while. She had earlier heard footsteps approaching, but stayed still. Now she finally acted.

"Amen." she murmured, before standing up to her feet.

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