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 Lyra Belacqua
Lyra Belacqua
 Posted: Jul 21 2018, 01:30 PM

Restless Dæmon

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Name: Lyra Belacqua

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Neutral (currently anyway)

Homeworld: Lyra's world

Weapons: (Optional) Do rocks count?

Appearance: user posted image

Lyra is a young woman of diminutive size, but with a tiny bit of muscle on her slender build. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and as she grows older, she looks more and more like her mother. Rougher around the edges though, she is often dirty with mussed and wild curls. She wears simple dresses that are easy to hike up and move around in, only wearing anything at all nice when she's told to.

Personality: Lyra has always been rebellious, but with time she has grown into being somewhat of a mixed bag. Sometimes she knows that she can't fight, or it's best not to, but most times she's doing whatever she pleases, which is often the opposite of what she's advised to do. She used to be terrified by her daemon settling, but now she's accepted that Pan has, even if she still feels conflicted as a person. She's not sure of what she really wants in life, nor does she know what she wants to do with her life. Sometimes she thinks she wants strength, or friendship, or to have the freedom to be on her own, but ultimately she's unsure of most things to do with who she is. For the most part, she tries to ignore it, choosing to instead live one day at a time without care. For a long while though, she wanted to be just like her "uncle", Lord Asriel, and she tried so very hard to be like him. It is this mindset that has brought her daemon to settle into the form of a leopard. However, she has since given up on this endeavor, seeing it as useless since she considers Asriel's leaving as abandonment. In truth, she lacks a true sense of self and Pan's form reflects this, instead reflecting someone who Lyra tried being for years rather than who she truly was. Who she truly is, Lyra isn't even sure. By now she's half given up on trying to find out at all, usually just trying to have fun and act as though nothing's wrong.

History: For a while, Lyra was on the path of becoming a person just like Lord Asriel. She wasn't sure if it was because she wanted his approval or if she truly wanted to be like him, but she did everything she could think of in order to try. She spent much time on her education at Jordan College, even when she hated every moment; she learned to harden herself further, to rely on herself, though it was something she was never really able to accomplish. Lyra wanted people; she was social and wanted friends, but most importantly she wanted family. She was always trying to gain Asriel's approval, even if she claimed that she didn't need it. She tried learning as much as she could about the north, navigation, hunting; anything in attempt to maybe be able to be taken North with her uncle. However, this never proved to be the case, as Lyra has never once left Oxford.

Eventually, she began growing bitter from all her efforts being wasted, her only family ignoring her, casting her aside, and then eventually leaving altogether. Once this happened, Lyra reverted to most of her old ways. She always spent time with Roger, of course, but she had insisted to him that they needed to work on her studies or practice stitching furs, but after Asriel left, Lyra told Roger that she wanted to go spend time with the Gyptian kids again. That she wanted to run without care, that she wanted to play games, to drink, to live like she was a child again since it didn't feel like anything really mattered. Lyra wanted to enjoy life again, and so she began doing her best to do so.

However, it was too late by that point, at least in terms of Pantalaimon settling. When she was fifteen after being called a late settler so many times, Pan finally settled into the form of a leopard. Not a snow leopard like Stelmaria, but very close. And now she looks at Pan and doesn't see herself in him, only Lord Asriel and everything she tried being for so many years, but ultimately failed at. The bond between Lyra and Pan is still intensely strong, but she doesn't get the same sense of knowing who she is after her daemon settling; instead she looks at him and wonders what he could've been if she had actually found purpose, self worth, or any sense of this deep self acknowledgement that other people talked about having before their daemons settled. It upsets her that Pan doesn't have a form that reflects who she is, and she regrets that she never will, but she continues to focus on her unbreakable bond with her daemon and how he's her other half no matter what.

Other: I understand that this Lyra has a lot of changes from canon, but let's face it, this whole story has immense changes from canon, and I wanted to write a Lyra that I hope best reflects our alternate universe.

Dæmon Name: Pantalaimon

Dæmon Animal: Leopard

Dæmon Appearance: user posted image

In the beginning years of being settled, Pantalaimon tried taking on a more stoic and reserved appearance like Stelmaria, but realized that it was all pretend. It never felt real or true to himself, or to Lyra either. His eyes are much softer than Stelmaria's, as are his facial features in general. He has tan fur with a bit of white fading into it and black spots, the tip of his tail fading into black as well.

Dæmon Personality: There was a time, like his human, he tried mimicking the daemon of his family; Stelmaria. He would sometimes change into snow leopard form when around her, or a tiger, or a lion, or a cheetah. Ultimately, he settled into a leopard, and it never felt quite right. Lyra's personality and his own never really matched the usual personality of a stoic and lonely leopard, though he supposed they shared some attributes. But most of those years were a very skilled act, so skilled that he even settled into a form that wasn't really right, simply in order to continue the act. However, it was later Pan that made attempts to try convincing Lyra how wrong it all was. When Asriel left and he was gone for more than a year, and that year turned into two years and counting, Lyra gave up on the act too, accepting that he wasn't coming back. Now Pan is much more himself, being playful, but cautious, and trying to guide Lyra as best as he knows how, though he worries about her with how she often throws caution to the wind. He loves his human dearly and wants her to be safe and happy, though he is unsure of how to accomplish this.

Role Play Sample:

Her bed faced the window, so when the sun shined through it, Lyra felt it's warmth and was awoken by that and the sheer brightness of it. Her eyes slowly opened, though Pan's remained closed. He was curled up by her side in their large bed that was given to her to accommodate for Pan's size. Lyra gently moved one of his paws from her side as she moved to sit up.

"Pan," she spoke groggily, using the back of her hand to rub one of her eyes as they tightly closed. "Time to get up. We gotta meet Roger at the south end, remember?"

The leopard smacked his jaws, licking his teeth before stretching his front paws, eyes still closed.

"Pan." Lyra said again. "C'mon." She rose to her feet as Pan opened his eyes, and she moved to get dressed. She quickly did and her daemon stepped off of the bed and onto the floor, approaching the room's entryway.

"Right, right. Let's go then." he finally replied.

Lyra left the room at a jogging pace, unbrushed curls bouncing as she quickly moved down the hall.
 Posted: Jul 21 2018, 03:46 PM

Why? You joking?

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Plot, RP, and most importantly, have fun!

Lyra at the cross roads. Fantastic!

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