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Feb 8 2015, 01:13 AM
Sophie Grace's POV

Sophie sat at the long table, waiting for a colleague with a kingfisher for a daemon, or so her description said. Her instructions were clear - wait for the duration of lunch, and if no one showed up, walk away.

If someone did show up, give them the stack of crossword puzzles in her hand and ask them to decipher the code.


So the scholar did as she was asked, and sat down to her lunch of fish and chips. Disgusting. Her daemon, Urquhart, turned up his little spaniel nose at the dish and refused to take a bite.

And to think she had to drag out the entire period of lunch while waiting for this lady!

Oct 8 2013, 02:16 AM
Campaign: A Bear Coup
Setting: An icy plain near Svalbard. Torches of fire light the way to the meeting ground. There are two levels involved. Bears sitting in a wide circle are representatives of a major bear family or clan, or intend to challenge for the throne as independent contestants. Bears who sit or stand further back do not intend to be involved in the challenge, but support the coup anyway. They may cheer or jeer at any family they see fit. Some of the families may be allies with one another, some may be mortal enemies.
Time: Night
Participants: Anyone! The thread's progress will depend on the amount of participating NPC characters.
Others: The bears will not vote for their champion. The most likely way the champion will be selected is by single combat until one of the bears remain standing.

Daryu's POV

Daryu looked around him as he approached the designated meeting spot. He was early, and there were only a few bears milling about. More would turn up later.

He recognised several of the bears there. Representatives of the Revatra family, (though why they bothered to send a representative puzzled him. The Revatra were one of the smallest families, wielded the least power among the other great ones, and choosing them would be as likely as deciding the outcome of tonight's meeting with a vote), a Naclsvot lumbering past, a Penhannig glaring at everyone in sight. Only three major representatives so far, and a few other bears milling about in the background. Curious enough to observe the meeting, but not important enough to be nominated.

And himself, of course. Daryu Carexellion, representative of the Carexellions and defender of the realm. His ancestors were great generals, and he would do them proud. None of them had ever become King, of course, and if he was chosen tonight, he would be the greatest of them all.

This brought great pride to him, although he realised that there would be battles tonight, and blood would be shed.

And he was not the only one to think that, as he glanced over at the other representatives again. Their armours were polished to a mirror shine, and their claws sharpened.

The last time a gathering like this had occurred, they had assembled a warband to wage a ten day war against a clan of witches who were encroaching on their territory.

They had won, naturally, and Daryu had led his own personal warband. The proudest moment of his life.

Would tonight top it?

OOC: The meeting has not started at this point. Some bears are filing in and it seems sparse. All the representatives are sitting in a circle, the less important bears stand slightly away from them. The meeting takes place in
Oct 3 2013, 02:04 AM
Daryu's POV

And just like that, the human disappeared. Typical of them, leaving as soon as they encountered a single obstacle.


He turned to see Sonja disappearing as well, and soon, the aurora of panserbjorne arrived. King Iofur's crowd, by the looks of it. All feathers and dolls on their back. What were they doing so far out of the palace?

"Satbo. Bilo. Tabos."

The panserbjorne greeted each of them in turn.

"What are you doing here?"

"King Iofur wants fresh seal from the open. We are hunting for him."

How could he still be their King if he could not hunt for his food? Daryu bristled at the thought as the panserbjorne in front of him inspected the tracks around them.

"There was a sleigh here. And a human."

"Yes. He dared trespass into our territory and question our ways. We made it clear that he was unwelcome."

Satbo seemed placated by this, although Daryu could hardly believe the words coming from his mouth. He! Was defending a human!

He left as soon as they fanned out searching for more seal and followed the tracks towards Sonja.

"Do not listen to the human. They are tricky beings who cannot be trusted. We cannot remove the King until we can find a replacement."
Mar 14 2013, 06:31 PM
Father MacPhail's POV

Words in italics indicate Father MacPhail communicating with his daemon, Blawi, telepathically.

Father MacPhail stepped out of the confession box and into the chapel. He had spent the better half of an afternoon performing the task of God, listening to the confessions of those who needed Enlightenment. Hearing about the plague of their Sin and seeing how close they were with their daemons disturbed him. How could no one see how dangerous these creatures were?

His own daemon, Blawi, sat on his right shoulder, her tongue tasting the air before scuttering over to his left. His Blawi was of course an exception. He was God's chosen representative to walk in this world, surely God would not give him a companion filled with Sin!

Still, he was also a Man, and there were moments when he wanted to satisfy his own urges, maybe even an heir . If only she could find someone who was deserving of his stature.

This was however, a delicate situation and even Doug, his personal assistant, would not be able to help. He would have to start vetting candidates on his own.

Father MacPhail approached the church pews, hands clasped behind his back and thought about this deeply as Blawi looked around.
Oct 10 2012, 03:43 AM
Tommy Grey's POV

Ava had decided to chase him, and for a girl, she certainly could run. Tommy ran round the corner, and zipped into the claybeds. Furry turned into a hawk, the fastest form he had and flew ahead.

They squished ahead and dived into the claybeds, nearly sliding towards the bushes. Tommy got up immediately and gathered mud into his hands.

Weapons! Clayballs! This was his battleground. Ava was going to go down. A few of his friends ran towards him and shouted their welcome.

"No! Don't come at me! I can take her out myself!"

He waved them away and slung mudball after mudball at Ava.

This was personal.
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