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Sophie Le Gall


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Feb 4 2015, 11:44 PM
Hey there !

My character, Sophie, has just arrived in Oxford, and she will soon be starting researches to find her former lover, Julien Desmaret, who went to Oxford two years ago and disappeard short after that. He was a French Republican, and an underscholar in Experimental Theology.
If anyone is interested in having met him and telling Sophie about it, or not telling her, or not having met him but meeting her during her investigations...
Then let me know...

Sep 25 2014, 10:06 AM
Alias : Rine (by the way, I'm French)
I found The Aurora by Google

Finished ! According to me at least...

Character :

Name : Sophie Hélène Suzanne Le Gall

Age : 26

Gender : Female

Race ; human

Affiliation : She's still neutral, but she intends to join the Republic (That's one of the reasons why she left France)

Homeworld : Lyra's world

Weapons : a small gun with an ivory butt. She has never really used it.

Appearance : she's rather tall and slender. She has a pale skin, freckles when exposed to sun, a sharp-pointed nose, slim lips, dark brown eyes, sleek dark brown hair and long fingers. She's not exactly pretty, but has a nice warm (but rare) smile.
She mostly dresses with shades of grey, and when elegant or official, with purple. She wears glasses and ties her hair in a ponytail.
Please note that she mainly dresses like that to give the impression of a nice inoffensive lass.
Oh, and of course she has some French accent. Not too strong, but it grows thicker when she's tired, afraid, drunken...

Personality : Sophie is a serious and passionate young woman. She takes care in everything she does. She is kind of a bookworm. She has studied very hard to get all the diplomas she now has. She is quite lonely, but that's more due to her past than to her character : she enjoys company, especially from people she has tastes in common with, but she hadn't often had occasions to have very good friends.
She wants to dedicate her life to ameliorate the world(s), by teaching young women and developing their minds, but also by joining Lord Asriel's Republic.

Weaknesses : Above all, her father, who she left alone in her birth place. She cares deeply for him, and would do almost everything for him. Besides, being mainly a scholar, she has nearly no experience of the "real world". And, even if not being shy, she tends to be rather introverted... She also is shortsighted, afraid of fire and has a bad head for heights.

History : She was born in a little village in Brittany. Her mother died when she was young, drown on a tempest evening. She was raised by her father, a former sailor whose left leg was once smashed by the fall of a mast. He since lives of small jobs he gets from other people of the surroundings.
When Sophie turned 11, he send her to a boarding school in Nantes : Saint Joseph et Notre Dame de la Pitié. He wanted his daughter to become an instructed person, and work her way up the society.
She graduated a the age of 18, with the felicitations of her teachers and were accepted in the university of la Sorbonne. For six years, she studied Greek, Latin, ancient history, theoretical theology, and literature. She also learned German, English and Italian. She became a good friend of one of her fellow student, Charlotte Desmaret, who studied arts and history of art. She had a love affair with Charlotte's older brother Julien. At 24, having finished college, she was hired by a rich family of Lyon, as a governess of the older daughter, Clara (8 years). Living in Lyon, while Charlotte had moved to Florence, she started to lose touch with her friend. Julien, who studied Experimental Theology, decided, almost as soon as he heard of Asriel's Republic of Heaven, to join it. Neither Charlotte nor Sophie have heard of him since. Charlotte assumes that he is dead.
Sophie was pretty good at experimental sciences in high school, but they never really caught her interest, until Julien introduced her to experimental theology. For the three years they have been a couple, he often brought her to lectures about this subject. In Lyon, she went on following such lectures, especially those about so called Dust, taking days off to make the journey to where the lecture took place.
It was also due to Julien that she took interest in the Republic of Heaven. In high school, she had started having doubts about what the Magisterium taught. Gradually she came to the conclusion that the old-fashioned dogmatism she saw in her teachers was caused by centuries of censorship lead by the Magisterium. It had been beard out by one of her university teacher, who had a lot of forbidden books and journals, and lend them to a few of his students.
While alone in Lyon, she had time to wonder, and finally took the decision to join the Republic of Heaven. She first tried to find some partisans in Lyon, then in Paris, but the Magisterium was too strong there to allow meetings. As her pupil, Clara, turned ten, Sophie convinced her parents to send the girl in a boarding school, and applied for a post of French civilization teacher in St Sophia's college. She was accepted and moved there for the beginning of lessons, in last September.


name : Mignon
G and N are pronounced separately, because it is a Breton word, meaning "friend". As it is written exactly like the French word for "cute", and as her dæmon is not exactly of a cute character, Sophie often calls him Grognon, which is the French word for "grumbler"

dæmon animal : king-fisher

dæmon appearance : Mignon is a six inches tall bird, with a relatively long pointed beak. He's rather round and loves to curl up into Sophie's neck. The feathers on his belly are a light orange, and the ones on his back and tail of an electric blue. He has black round eyes and an incriminating look.

Personality : Mignon is rather pessimistic and rough. He's quite misanthropist and easily dislikes other dæmons as well. He's not talkative and can't bear that unknown dæmons address him him without good reasons. He also hates changes.
He of course deeply loves and cares for his human., even if he usually criticizes every of her decisions. He wishes she would go out more often meet more people.

Role Play Sample :

The scene takes place on the boat between Calais and Dover.
Sophie was leaning on the balustrade. Mignon was fluttering around her head.
Stop doing that, Mignon ! The wind could push you away and I don't want to lose you !
No need to worry,
ma grande, you won't get rid of me that easily. I'm not afraid of a bit of wind...
Though the dæmon came to settle on her shoulder. They both looked at the coast of Calais, who kept getting farther every second.
I'm feeling a bit anxious.
It was your idea to leave and go to that crazy country of warm-beer-drinkers !
Oh, come on ! You don't even drink beer.
That's not the point. You were the one deciding to leave Clara and home.
It wasn't our home.
Anyway, you chose to move to a foreign country. You are to take the responsibility.
I do. I only express that even if I'm completely sure of what I'm doing, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

She grasped her dæmon's beak between her fingers.
Why do I even bother to answer you. You know that as well as I do, Grognon, but you can't prevent your-self from grousing.
The dæmon took his beak out of pawn, shook his head with feigned susceptibility.
It's not only because of leaving France. I don't very know how colleges are organized, how learned my students and colleagues will be... I'm afraid not to be level with all this.
You should have thought of that earlier.
Couldn't you say something like "Don't worry, you'll do all right" ?
How would I know ? I know them and their colleges no better than you do.
I'm also afraid of the Magisterium. Who knows how all this thing will end ?
And you wonder if you will find Julien again, don't you ?
Julien ? I don't know.
I know. You do.
Charlotte says he's dead.
How would she know ?
I don't think I really expect -or hope-, to see him. For me, he belongs to past now. And I'm only interested in present, for now.
And if you meet him again ?
Then we'll see.
We ? What do I have to do with your childish love affairs ?
You're me and I'm you. We're soul and spirit. It does concern you as well.
And who's the soul, who the spirit ?
That doesn't matter.
The French coast had now totally disappeared below the horizon. Sophie turned her eyes in the direction she assumed to be the one of Brittany.
You think we'll see them again ?
No need to specify she was referring to her father and his turtle of a dæmon.
After remaining quiet for a few minutes, a shiver went through Sophie.
I'm getting cold, let's go inside.
Yes, you'd better check your trunks. See that nobody has undertook to rob you of your few possessions.
Oh, don't start with that ! No one would ever want those old books and rags !
You're too naive.
You're too suspicious !

Quarreling, they headed for the inside of the boat.
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