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Apr 14 2014, 02:27 PM
One of the few problems Liam had with the lifestyle he had been able to grow up with; it was hard to find new things to do. While he simply had fun traveling with Anastasia; the young man did find himself rather bored just walking around. Walter had been busy with his parents. His ability to astral project was something he welcomed into his life, it opened up so many new possibilities, and that in turn would keep life from becoming dull.

It was because of that ability that Liam was motivated to try to research more about it. The library in Jordan College did not have any books relevant to it, so he opted to try St. Johann's abbey.

Do you really think its a good idea?
It's not like I'm trying to change anybody's beliefs.
So naive... Anastasia playfully nipped at her human's ear before he pulled out a dust-covered book from one of the shelves. It had been untouched for quite some time, nobody ever bothered with it.
Apr 9 2014, 02:15 PM
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Oct 12 2013, 01:43 PM
It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, at least for Liam, who sat on a bench, Anastasia wrapped around him as he looked up at the sky, having been watching the clouds for about five minutes straight.

"Liam, haven't you thought of anything to do?" Anastasia asked, a soft hiss rolling along with her words as the young man smiled, looking at her.

"I did. I chose to simply enjoy the clouds." He replied, earning a sudden prod to the nose from the snake's tail. "Hey, this Saturday has been going very slow, what's it gonna hurt if we just kick back and enjoy the simpler things?" he asked rhetorically, earning himself a sigh from the white serpent.

'Mr. Skylark!' a young voice called, drawing the duo's attention to a trio of children and their daemons, who all approached him eagerly. Children knew him as one of the fun adults, a bit like a big brother or a cousin. Smiling, he stretched a bit as Anastasia adjusted herself.

"Hey there, fellas." Liam greeted the ensemble, while Anastasia flicked her tongue, greeting them as-well. He leaned forward, resting his right arm against his knee with the same smile on his face. The group would talk about how the day was going for a few minutes before the oldest of the group, a young red haired girl, decided to ask a question.

'Mr. Skylark, can you play us that song? The one you've been practicing? Please?' the girl asked, prompting the young man to think for a moment. After a brief moment, he nodded and reached for his inside coat pocket.

"Liam, you still haven't gotten used to that song." Anastasia warned her human, who simply chuckled.

"Well, they've been waiting patiently, regardless of whether or not I got it right- they deserve to at least hear it." he replied, much to the chagrin of his daemon.

"You're too soft when it comes to children, you know that?" she asked, but went ignored as Liam pulled out a blue ocarina. He had a few ocarinas, this was just one he carried around everywhere for just such an occasion. Well, here goes.. he thought, bringing the odd flute to his lips, closing his eyes before he began to blow into it, contorting his fingers to play the melody the children have wanted to hear. To the white snake's surprise, the melody was different from the last time he had played it. Liam was surprised too, but he kept himself focused on playing the melody while the children listened intently, their daemons following suite.

Once the melody was over, the young man looked at the ocarina, a soft, yet concerned smile on his face. "It was different that time....I don't know why.." he mused, but the children clapped for him, having been entertained by it the song.
Oct 11 2013, 04:57 AM
Name: Liam Skylark

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Neutral (currently)

Homeworld: Lyra’s world

Walking stick: a stylized Victorian walking stick, Liam carries this around primarily because of example from his parents, but the composition of it makes it an effective bludgeoning and disrupting [tripping, sweeping] weapon. The dense wood makes it sturdy, while the brass tip provides a point of impact.

Serei no Tsurugi [roughly translated: Spirit Longsword]- this sword handle is a tool he had obtained by mistake during his sixth projection. This is used exclusively when he is in his astral body, able to manifest a blade out of his own spirit. The blade itself if ethereal, and like his astral body, it cannot touch or otherwise interact with physical entities [humans, normal animals]. It is impossible to touch by normal means. [When he is awake, he literally cannot touch it, it will phase through his hands like a ghost would] Anastasia carries it within her stomach for safe keeping, and she doesn’t express any discomfort with this for an odd reason. This alone lends credibility to the idea that the the spirit longsword is able to be used against daemons, and perhaps its function is to damage the soul.

As he has never used it before, he has now clue what it is let alone how to use it.

Appearance: Standing at five feet, eleven inches, this pretty boy keeps his golden hair neatly combed, his sapphire blue eyes contrast his fair complexion. His average frame hides his toned muscles, the result of carrying Anastasia around so much that he has become capable of moving around unhindered even with her full weight on him.

He wears the typical attire, a neat black jacket, a white waistcoat with a golden-silk vest, black trousers, polished black shoes and snow white gloves. Although he actually doesn't like it, he also wears a black top hat to complete the set- hinting at a perfectionist side.

His astral avatar is very similar to his physical self, but seems to be composed of iridescent fire- this is based on the subconscious desire to differentiate his astral self from his physical self while also representing his lack of experience- the flame reflecting the unpredictable nature of his ability.

Personality: Liam is a laid back, yet curious individual. He tries to keep a neutral stance on things, but simply put- he just wants to enjoy life and find meaning in things. Because of his laid back attitude, he is often shown to be a bit goofy- much to the chagrin and amusement of the more straight laced Anastasia. A child at heart, he often takes time to entertain the children around town.

Despite this, he can be serious when he needs to be, and although a pacifist, he has no problem with fighting to defend himself. When he fights, however, he does not toy around and even Anastasia remarks that he is like a completely different person. Perhaps the most respectable part about him is the fact he doesn’t hold himself higher than others, giving common people heed and even treating a person or two to a meal on occasion.

Regardless of his quirks, he is accepted by the general populace, and is trustworthy enough to chaperone children when need be.

When it comes to daemons, he considers them separate entities consistently, while others may either be inconsistent or acknowledge that they are just a manifestation of the human soul. This is argued to be the source of Anastasia's admiration for him, as he treats them equally. He also understands the taboo and makes it a point to avoid it, even by accident.

History:Born to an upper class family, Liam had lived as a somewhat carefree, easy going child despite his parents almost never being around for him. Its not that his parents don't love him, it is just that their jobs were way too time-consuming for them to have any spare time to spend with him, often relying on hired help to raise him in their stead. The reason he was able to handle this was because of his daemon, Anastasia, who was always by his side no matter what.

He was fairly proficient when at school, and of his year he was one of the top five students. Despite his open mind and his success academically, he was still lonely, his only real friends being Anastasia and the butler Walter. However, neither of them complained about this; Liam was that easy going while his daemon didn't seem to desire anything more.

Walter had been the one who raised him in his parent's stead the most, and Liam has fond memories of the time they'd spend together. Their relationship could have been like an uncle to his nephew.

It was by accident that he began to step outside of his body for the first time that he remembered. He woke up one day, the only difference being his body was incredibly heavy and it was almost impossible for him to move, let alone get out of bed. Convincing himself this was a dream, he simply focused in his mind ‘get out of bed, don’t let this stop you’. Having calmed down and focused, he finally managed to stand up but as soon as he went to fix his bed- he saw his own body lying there, fast asleep while Anastasia was coiled around him, yet at the same time staring at him as if confused.

The fear this sight put into him forced him back into his body as he woke up. Before he disregarded it as a strange dream. Anastasia had tightened around him before asking why there were two of him for a moment- confirming that he did not dream that. And that was only the first incident. While he couldn’t control it, he would have these incidents another five times, each time being more vivid, and longer lasting than the last. Each time also began to reassure him, allowing him to maintain it for longer, experiment and see what exactly he can do.

During second through sixth times, he had learned something new each time; during the second time he confirmed that Anastasia is able to see and interact with him. This allowed him to believe that dæmons in general are able to see him, but he doesn’t know why. The third instance taught him that he needs to think about doing the actions while outside his body as opposed to doing it like he usually did [his actions are controlled by thought, not movement]. The fourth instance allowed him time to travel outside, and although he couldn’t confirm or joss the fact that dæmons could see him, he was able to confirm that he could not interact with physical objects (he could not actually open a door, move objects, etc. The fifth time taught him that he did have a limit on how long he could stay out of his body, namely for as long as his body is asleep.

The sixth experience taught him that he doesn’t always wind up inside his bedroom when he steps out- finding himself in an unknown castle corridor with two other entities- one an anthropomorphic doe, the other a shadow-man. While they did not explain anything to him, they were friendly to him and they were able to carry on a conversation. The deer woman had also given him a sword handle, but before he could learn what it was, Anastasia bit his hand to wake him up. This time proved his perception of time can (but not necessarily will, given the fact it was one out of six times this particular thing happened) change; proven by the fact that he claims to have spent fifteen minutes talking with the other two entities, while Anastasia noted that he was only asleep for five.

Other/fun facts:

His seventh projection will be done in thread and will most likely draw attention to him.

Anastasia’s form, the white snake, is a symbol of rebirth/immortality in Japan. Her method carrying the Spirit Longsword is identical to the mythological Yamata Orochi, who had the Kusanagi no Tsurugi- the grass cutting sword, inside its body.

Her odd obsession with her partner isn't from a narcissistic value, but the fact that Anastasia wants to protect Liam in anyway she can, going to a logical extreme and trying to keep him to herself.

The Kusanagi itself was known to be wielded by Yamato Takeru to protect himself in times of peril, a parallel to Liam being gifted his Tsurugi for the purpose of self-defense.


Dæmon Name: Anastasia

Dæmon Animal:White snake

Dæmon Appearance: Anastasia is a snow white serpent, is 2.1 meters (about 7 feet) in length, and has a bit more girth than a normal female of her kind. Her golden eyes seem to deliver piercing glares.

Dæmon Personality: Anastasia is caring, yet she also tends to be overprotective of her human partner, almost always coiled around him in some way to ensure she is with him. She gets nervous about the idea her partner is able to project his soul outside of his body. Anastasia seems to have a much deeper emotional attachment to her partner than most dæmons do. Her overprotective nature leads her to be a ‘straight man’ in their dynamic, as opposed to Liam’s more carefree personality.

She is not without her moments, however, as she gets overly excited by small things, and has a few eccentricities of her own. One such quirk is the fact she enjoys having her belly stroked by Liam, especially after she has eaten. Despite her own quirks, she refuses to admit to them, especially when her human teases her about it.

Role Play Sample:

(Note: this is a bit of a half-baked example of their relationship. I made this while staying up late and I am in no mood to re-write it. This takes place before his first astral projection.)

It was ten at night and time to go to sleep for the young man. Hanging up his outfit for the next morning, Liam slipped on his silk sleeping garments while the large white snake was perched on the dresser next to the bed. Her tongue flicked out once the human said 'good night' to her, dimming the lights and climbing into the bed.

Silently, Anastasia slithered down the dresser, crawling over to the bed, using the support-legs to climb up so she could slip under the covers. The white serpent let a very soft hiss, she slowly began to slip herself around the human's torso, weaving around so she would be wrapped around his waist, his chest, and his right arm. She tightened her grip very slightly, only enough to keep herself secure, as she checked to see if he was still asleep. The moonlight shining through the window was enough to illuminate her.

Opening his eyes, Liam stared at the snake blankly before a soft smile spread on his face.

“If you want to cuddle that badly, all you have to do is ask.” he whispered in a teasing tone prodding her nose with a finger, the snake being taken aback by this comment.

“W-What?!” she asked, flicking her tongue again while she adjusted herself. “I just realized it'd be a little chilly in here tonight. You just keep me warm is all.” she told him, while the blond haired man simply chuckled, gently kissing her on her equivalent of a forehead.

“Whatever works for you. Good night, Anastasia.” he smiled to her again before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep. The snake, on the other hand, moved up a little more, flicking her tongue again as she rubbed the side of her face against his cheek, her mouth to his ear.

“Good night..” she whispered before resting her head on his shoulder, falling asleep just as quickly.
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