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Gender: Female
Species: Panserbjorne
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Player Name: Simone
Affiliation: Neutral
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Sonja Rolvsson


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Aug 19 2013, 11:22 AM
Name/Alias: Simone

How did you find The Aurora?: Google

Contact details: PM


Application Progress: Complete

Name: Sonja Rolvsson

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Panserbjorne

Affiliation: Neutral

Homeworld: Lyra's World

Weapons: Teeth and claws

Appearance: Like other Panserbjorne, Sonja is a large, white bear. She is quite stocky with muscular limbs. Sonja has a black nose and dark eyes. Like most Panserbjorne, she wears armour forged from sky-iron. Sonja's armour is silver and it covers most of her body. The only bits of her that are uncovered are her ears, eyes, lower jaw and limbs. There are also small chinks in between the plates but it takes an experienced warrior to take advantage of those.

Personality: Like most Panserbjorne, Sonja is a loner and prefers to distance herself from humans. She will still help a human in need, though. Sonja takes great pride her armour and refuses to decorate it in any way. She also has a strict code of honour and is unable to lie. As a result, Sonja will never betray a comrade and can see through deceit. Lying irritates her greatly and you don't want to see her irritated. Currently, Sonja does not care for the power struggle amongst the humans, although this may change later on.

History: Sonja, like other Panserbjorne, was raised by her mother and never knew her father. She was taught the ways of the Panserbjorne from an early age. Sonja learned about sky-iron and forged her own armour. She also perfected her hunting and unarmed combat skills. As Sonja got older, she got more and more independent. Eventually, she left her mother and has been on her own ever since.


Role Play Sample: Sonja walked quietly across the ice. She wasn't heading anywhere particular, just looking for something to eat. The sunlight glinted off Sonja's silver armour as she walked. After what seemed like hours, she managed to locate a seal's breathing hole. Sonja sighed and couched down next to the hole to wait for the seal to surface. It was eerily quiet. All Sonja could hear was the sound of her own stomach grumbling. After some time, she saw movement as the seal came up to breathe. Sonja lunged forward and grabbed the seal in her powerful jaws. For the first few painful seconds, she thought she was fighting a losing battle. After a while, though, the seal seemed to tire. Not daring to loosen her grip, Sonja hauled the seal on to the ice. She looked around briefly before settling down to enjoy her hard-won dinner.
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