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Nov 8 2014, 04:08 AM
Streamers. A colourful banner. In the middle of a public park. Remus, in T Shirt and jeans, and a seven year old girl, in a party dress, standing on a stage beneath it.

And surrounded by about a thousand screaming and jumping seven year old's and their daemons.


Slightly less jumping as the noise levels dropped. Marginally. Remus hoisted the girl in the air and yelled.


The volume of screams and cheers rose to a crescendo. A seven year old boy and a white tigress cub daemon seized this opportunity to shove their ways to the edge of the stage rudely.



In response, a seven year old lobbed a cake in the direction of Remus's face. But seven year olds are not renowned for their upper body strength, and the cake landed somewhat short, splattering the edge of the microphone instead. The admin immediately wiped Aurora's face with a handkerchief and set her down.

"HEY! HEY! NO CAKE THROWING AT THE AURORA! OK! A FEW GROUND RULES BEFORE I SET YOU OFF. The park is sealed off from the public for the day, so no one will interrupt you. The key feature this year is the cake factory!"

A conveyor belt of cakes appear in the middle of the park. Pink, green, blue, yellow. Square, circle, triangular. All of them appear on the conveyor belt, one after another.

"Every kid will be able to choose one cake of any flavour and colour. Grab a cake from the conveyor belt and hold on to it. There will be a surprise waiting for you."

The kids cheered as Remus waved his hands and a colourful slide, swing and seesaw set appeared. In the middle of it was a fully explorable three storey castle and dungeon. Upon seeing it, a group of children immediately headed towards the drawbridge, whooping and yelling in delight.

"No, wait, WAIT! Oh, fu - fudgecakes. Right, never mind. Food table over there."

The admin waved his hand again and a buffet spread popped into view.

"Food and drinks are all served on plastic plates with plastic forks and knives because of health and safety and all that. Everything is at room temperature to prevent you kids from scalding yourselves. The alcoholic bar is replaced with a juice stall over there."

Remus snapped his fingers and a stall materialized. It had an umbrella on it, and a sign reading "LEMENEDE N MILK N WANTAN NUUDELS!" Manning it was a businessmanlike seven year old Chinese boy, flanked by two seven year old bouncers who were doing their best to flex their muscles and scowl at the crowd, but being seven year olds, were only about as menacing as a grumpy kitten on a bad day.

"Mr Wong will be manning the juice stall and serving wantan noodles at the same time. That's a sort of Chinese dumpling noodle soup. All at room temperature in plastic bowls, of course. Wouldn’t want you people scalding yourself. Now - "

Seven year old Aurora tugged Remus's sleeve and he looked down at her.

"Where’s my birthday present?"

The admin hastily pushed her off the stage and towards the crowd of children before disappearing himself.

The Setting

1. No sex, violence, murder.
2. No God-Modding.
3. Any NPC, dead or alive, can be reenacted. They will, however, all be exactly seven years old.
5. No minimum word count. Posts can be short to move the action along.
6. Have fun!


1. My character is an adult in the Aurora and his daemon is settled! What do I do now?
Your character will be seven years old for the duration of the party, with a seven year old's strength and mind. However, it is entirely up to you on whether his daemon will be settled or unsettled. All daemons will, of course, take the form of their younger seven year old animal selves.
2. My character experienced a life changing event when they were thirteen and lost all their innocence! What now?
It is again, entirely up to you if you want to incorporate your current character's entire backstory into the seven year old, or RP them as a child. Please do bear in mind that they may have the personalities of your current character, but they will not have the strength, wisdom, emotions and experience of anyone older than a normal seven year old.
3. My character has three sons and four daughters!
He will be the seven year old father of three seven year old sons and four seven year old daughters during the Aurora's seventh birthday bash! All characters will retain their normal relationships with others during the party.
4. You mentioned a surprise with the cakes…
Remember to hold on to that cake of yours!
Sep 23 2014, 10:32 PM

This thread leads directly from here. Soviet Ukrainian authorities are beginning a mass evacuation of the city of Prypyat. Characters who were at The Prypat Exit have been mistakenly included in this group, and have been securely evacuated to underground nuclear bunkers within the outskirts of the city.

These bunkers are sparse and functional. There are running electricity and sockets, fans, lights, and even heaters (which are not switched on). Everybody has a bed to sit/lie on, and rows of toilets and showers are at the end of the room. There is no segregation between gender and age although families and friends are generally grouped together. There are officers guarding the rooms carrying rifles, but most of them are friendly enough so long as you don't bother them. Anxiety is in the air and people chatter in low whispers, but the authorities are trying their best to prevent cabin fever by playing music over the speakers.

Everybody is screened at the entrance before entering, and those found to have high levels of radiation on them are given white pills and quarantined in smaller rooms. These rooms are similar to the ones above, except nurses in Hazmat suits patrol it instead of guards.

Security is very tight. No one is allowed to enter or exit without proper ID.

My character has a daemon! Where are they?

All daemons are kept in one room, and their humans in another room. The rooms are located beside each other, and are much smaller than the large rooms described above, but are generally the same. Guards have rifles, stand at the door and speak Ukrainian, but they are generally friendly. Some may even be curious at the daemons.

If your character happened to be near Richard Mackenzie when he made his "offer" to a Ukrainian Official, and wish to continue your RP in the nuclear bunker, you will be placed in a special room with him. Your daemon will be kept in a separate room, and the setting will be as per above.
Sep 19 2014, 12:11 AM
The Chornobyl Incident

A window to a nuclear accident has opened in London! The following is a guide on how this plot expansion will play out.

The Chornobyl Incident is an alternate universe equivalent to the real life nuclear accident which happened in the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. A summary of that can be found here, although it is not necessary to read through the entire page before posting here. Knowing that the Chornobyl Incident is a nuclear accident which occurred (or in this case, is occurring) in a nuclear power plant is enough. Also note that the Chernobyl Incident would not have occurred in this AU world until today. Therefore, the surrounding areas in this world will be thriving cities, and not the ghost towns we see in our world today.


A massive evacuation has occurred near The Prypyat Exit. This thread is now only open to those who are joining in from The Wymouth Exit, and those who will linger near The Prypyat Exit, if they have escaped the evacuation. If your character is evacuated, please post here. If your character has wandered deeper into the city, please start a new thread!

The window to the disaster from Lyra's World has opened in a suburb in London called Wymouth. Wymouth is easily accessible via hansom cabs, cars, furnicular trains, on foot...anything. It is a typical London suburb for the rapidly rising middle class, rows of terrace houses, a local school, a park etc. The window's entrance is located at an intersection, bordering a park and some houses. It is on street level, and will be referred to in the future as The Wymouth Entrance.

The window to the disaster into an alternate world has opened at the city of Prypyat, Soviet Ukraine, about 6km (3.7 miles) away from the Chornobyl Power Plant. This will be referred to in the future as The Prypat Exit. This window's exit is located beside Prypat's main fire station.

This disaster will be set in 2014, with the equivalent technology and information which will come with it. In this world, Soviet Ukraine is still a member of the Soviet Union (hence the name), and the Soviet Union has never been dissolved. Although this Soviet Union is still under Communist leadership, the people have enjoyed freedoms akin to what the people in Russia experience today. Modern technology will be available, but the people in Prypyat will not have daemons.

Anyone near The Wymouth Entrance will notice that fire trucks not from our world are racing towards a distant spiral of smoke. The locals are in groups, chatting and pointing at the fire brigades in confusion. Some of them are backing away and leaving the area in fear. All of them are speaking in Ukrainian and some of them are taking photos and tweeting about it on their phones. Their attention is focused on the disaster several kilometres ahead of them. No one has noticed that a window to another world has opened behind them.

Conversely, a small group of people from Lyra's London have gathered in front of The Wymouth Entrance, open mouthed. Most of them have never seen fire brigades like that, much less the different fashion and language spoken. A red Victorian era fire brigade drawn by horses has even arrived at the scene, complete with carriage, firemen and horses, but with the current chaos at The Prypyat Exit and the strange scent in the air, the horses are refusing to cross over to the other side.

It is currently 6:30am, Saturday in London. The city is waking up as some people go about their morning exercise, children head off to the park, etc.

Current crowd size: 50 at The Wymouth Entrance; 70 at The Prypat Exit (and massively decreasing as they are being evacuated)

Chronology of Events

19/09 - The window opens. A small crowd gathers at Wymouth, London, but the police are not alerted to this event yet. A Victorian era fire carriage drawn by horses has arrived in response to the emergency, but none of the horses are willing to cross the window...
20/09 - Policemen have arrived at The Wymouth Entrance to control the crowd, but they are heavily outnumbered. Some of them are told to run to the Magisterium for help...
20/09 - Ukrainian policemen have arrived at The Prypat Exit to investigate reports of an escaped snow leopard and a smoke bomb throwing hooligan. They are armed with guns, and have orders to arrest anyone who is causing trouble...
22/09 - Soviet Ukrainian authorities are now barricading the area around The Prypat Exit, in preparation for a mass evacuation. There will only be one entrance and one exit out of the area surrounding the window...
22/09 - The police at The Wymouth Entrance are still severely under-represented as the officers fight their way through the crowd towards the Magisterium...
23/09 - Soviet Ukrainian authorities in Hazmat suits are now evacuating the people in The Prypat Exit. Due to the volume of people, they have not noticed any daemons yet...
24/09 - The Prypyat Exit has now been evacuated and the action now continues in three different threads.
08/10 - There is a small group of children without daemons under a tree at The Wymouth Entrance.

At this point, please only post in this thread if your character is still in The Wymouth Entrance, or has somehow evaded Soviet Ukrainian authorities (hiding at the sight of them, etc.) If your character is in The Prypyat Exit and evacuated to the nuclear bunker, please post here.

If your character has wandered off into the city, please create a new thread and continue posting there.

But I've only just joined the action!

Simple! Just pick one of the three paths above and start posting in the appropriate threads!


Anyone! It is entirely up to you how your character(s) will react to this. Cross over to Prypyat if you wish, or stick around and watch from a distance.

Do note that radiation sickness will soon play a big part in this plot expansion, but I will hold off on that for now as this is just the beginning. Rest assured, however, that you will have complete freedom in deciding on the symptoms your character will face. No character will die unless you want them to.


Your character's participation will determine the way this will play out!

Unlockable Event #4
If more than six characters (NPCs included) converge on The Wymouth Entrance, a stampede will occur.

Unlockable Event #3 Unlocked!
If more than four (NPC's included) characters cross over to The Prypat Exit, the arriving Ukrainian policemen will be overwhelmed by the sudden daemons and will radio for help. But they will not shoot!

Unlockable Event #2 Unlocked

If more than four (NPC's included) characters remain at The Wymouth Entrance, the large crowd will prevent the policemen from reaching the Magisterium and the fire station in time and no additional help will arrive immediately.

If less than four (NPC's included) characters remain at The Wymouth Entrance, the crowd is small enough for the policemen to reach the Magisterium and the fire station and a large army of Magisterium Guards and firemen will arrive shortly.

Unlockable Event #1 Unlocked!

If more than four characters (NPC's included) appear on the scene, a group of policemen will appear to try and cordon the window off and prevent anyone from entering.

If less than four (NPC's included) number of characters appear, the window has sufficiently gone under the Magisterium's security forces's radar for the moment and everyone is free to explore at will.

Things will move quickly, but I will provide an updated list of events in this post for easy reference.

This thread will be the main thread centred around The Wymouth Entrance. Your characters are welcome to create new threads to deal with the fallout of this incident/interact with other characters. To keep things in order, please post all Chornobyl related threads in this board only!

If you would like to participate with an NPC character, please post with the NPC account. Details below:
Username: NPC
Password: password

Chronology of events moved upwards for convenience.

Thanks to Archy for suggesting this plot and walking me through a summary of nuclear disasters!
Jun 28 2014, 12:53 AM
I'm off on holiday (again) from the 28th June to the 28th July 2014. This time to Canada and the States. Disneyland LA! Whale watching in Alaska! Who would have thought to see those two places in the same sentence!

I WILL probably have in room wifi this time (mostly), so I'll (try to) check in everyday, Unfortunately, I have no guarantees that I'll be able to post promptly so please bear with me if posts come a bit late.

These are the dates where I'll definitely not be around:

02 July 2014 - I'll be at a hotel on a glacier discovery centre in Canada! I'm not sure if they have wifi!
07 July 2014 - 14 July 2014: I'll be sailing around the glaciers in Alaska! I'll definitely not have wifi!

I should be able to at least check in on other dates, either in the hotel lobby or in my room, where I'll hopefully post. In the meantime, why not find another plot mate and post? Conjure up a brand new plot! Go crazy!

Jaqi Oaklin will be in charge if I'm not around. She runs the best cookie economy ever! I've also had the pleasure of meeting her Dad who I assure you is extremely professional, so do feel free to ask her any questions you may have.

The site is backed up until today, so all your data is saved. Please don't take this for granted though! Save your character profiles and important posts!

When I return, I'll be introducing a new festival system in the Aurora! So brace yourselves for that!

I have to leave my place at 5.45am and it's nearly 1am and I'm still awake ogawd what is this.
Apr 30 2014, 04:28 PM
I found made Morpheusa in Skyrim.

Close up of her face during the prologue:

Posing for a selfie after killing Nalan:

Dahanain makes a cameo in Skyrim?

And Morphy can shoot him if she wants to?

And Furo?

Does anyone else have Auroran characters in their games? Share!
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Oct 8 2012, 08:59 AM
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