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Jan 13 2011, 08:26 AM
Adessa walked the streets she grew up on, It was cold and busy, the way she remembered it. It was three years since she been home and was excited yet sad. Excited because she was off to see her parents, Sad because she was away from Oxford which she grew to love.

"You know, we didnt have to come all this way for a party. You know how much I hate party's." Junius complained.

"Yes I know, but its Fathers 50th so I wanted to be here, plus they would be crushed if we didnt come."

Adessa walked to a tall building, on the front of it read, Wyte Hall. Named after her family, her grandfather was a successful business man who moved over here to start a trading company with London and Oxford, to everyone's surprised it was a success.

She walked up to the door and was greeted by the door man, "Miss Wyte, its lovely to see you again." He opened the door as the his beagle daemon sat politely at his side.

"Hello Frank" she smiled, the man was an old friend of hers, he helped her sneak in and out when she went on walks around the block at night.

The interior still looked the same, Tall statues of lions, her Grandfather portrait hanging above the receptions desk, the marble floors, the glass windows. Yep still the same as she left. she went to an elevator and pressed up. Her family apartment was on the top floor, it was the winter home for them and where they entertained guests. She waited polity as people got off the elevator, then entered it herself. Her coat was warm, a little to warm, so she shrugged it off. "Our bags should of already arrived, so we will need to be quick, change and get ready for Mothers and Fathers quest to arrive, just remember to be good tonight." she spoke with Junius as they went up.

"I know how to act, three years isn't that long you know."

"Yes I know." They remained silent the rest of the way up. Soon the floor read 23rd, their loft, it opened into a greeting hall. She stepped out with Junius at her side,

We can still turn back the doors haven't closed yet and they haven't notice that we are here!

Jun, we are staying. Just then her mother yelled. "OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY GOSH YOUR HERE!! JOE!!!" her mother was happy to see them she ran over and gave her daughter a hug, her owl daemon fluttering around Junius.

Adessa's father stood at the door and waved, "Now you are going to change right?" his hawk daemon watched Adessa and Junius both.

"Joe they just got in, give them a chance to go change and get cleaned up," she turned to Adessa, "I placed you luggage in your old room."

That was Adessa's and Junius que to go. "Ill be out and ready soon, Happy birthday father." she turned and walked down the hall to the main part of the loft.

The 23rd floor was taken up by the whole loft it had windows over looking the city and the bay. It was done in golds and tans with elegant lighting and paintings. Adessa's old room was at the end of the bedroom hall, there she opened the door and smiled.

"Home sweet home Jun." Junius just walked past her and jumped on the bed laying down.

"You should get ready for the party, important people will be here."

Adessa smiled and nodded. "Okay." she closed the door and opened her luggage , in it she packed a dress for the evening...but she couldn't find it. In its place was an elegant beaded dress color of Ivory, It was floor length and strapless. "Mother..." Adessa said with a smirk and a shake of her head..It was a dress her mother picked out for her to wear that evening. "Still dressing me up and showing off." she picked up the dress and headed to the bathroom to finish.

People started to arrive, Junius flicked his tail waiting.

(the party has started at this point enter as you see fit, as for knowing Adessa's parents you can make it up. Adessa's father is an explorer and mother is a scientist.)
Dec 29 2010, 11:24 PM
Adessa arrived at the class room a little early, hoping to get the best seat. The class room was like all the others at Jordan College, big and old. It had a black board at the front of the room, with a large oak desk. Then the rest of the room was filled with seats. They where stacked, one row slightly higher then the others. She was looking at her seat, it was smack in the middle of the room. With a perfect view of the black board and those around her. She was excited for this class, because they never really offered it in the college that often. It was a public class she had to pay for out of her own money, but she didn't mind for it will help her in the future.

Adessa stood 5'6'' she had long brown hair that laid down her back, today it was in a braid that laid on her shoulder. Her bright gray eyes shined with excitement, they seemed to stand out more now that she had a bit of her tan back. Junius stood beside her. He was a leopard, he too was exited, but not because the class, but more for the fact that it would be one step closer for them to Graduate and get on with their life.

"The normal seat?" Junius asked, speaking freely since they where the first to arrive. Adessa nodded and walked over to the seat. She sat down and put her books by her feet to her left. Junius took his normal perch under the small desk. Curling his long tail around is body. He kept his head up and waited for more students and public figures to enter the class room.

Just then a Old man, that looked like he was in his seventies arrived and walked over to the professors desk. He was short in stature and had an barn owl as his daemon. Adessa looked up and gave her small smile to him as he acknowledged her. He opened a suit case and pulled out some papers, Probably the class raster, I wonder if anyone else we know will come to this class today. Adessa spoke only to Junius.

Junius laughed, I think that only you would be interested in a class such as this My dear. No other student would dream of taking a class that was not forced down their throat as you would. He started to flick his tail lightly out of boredom.

Ha, well I cant help it that I find the study of languages intriguing. Some of the students here have no idea what they have. Its one of the best colleges you can attend. Even if its a bit strict. Plus you never know what you can learn if you just stick with the class layout.

As they where speaking the class started to fill up. Adessa and Junius recognized some of the professors, but like Junius said none of the students came. It was getting close for the class to start and Adessa grabbed a pen and paper, something to take notes with. she scribbled her name and date on the top along with the seminars name. Looking back up she saw that only three seats were left. One beside her and two in the back.

Well this filled up more then what I thought it would.

Junius just snickered under the desk as he laid down his large head.
Dec 21 2010, 03:34 AM
Name/Alias: Adessa

How did you find The Aurora?: Google Search

Contact details: Contact me through PM or by email/MSN:

Application Progress: Complete.

Name: Adessa Wyte

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Affiliation: Neutral leaning towards Republic. Is currently learning all she can about the two sides.

Home world: Lyra's World

Weapons: She normally carries no weaponry on her, but she is well versed in Martial Arts of self-defense
Appearance: The first thing people notice, is her wild silver/blue eyes, they seem wild with a hint of mystery in them. As you look over her face you notice her smooth tanned skin, and her rosy lips, not to full, with a bit of a pout to them. Her cheekbones stand out leaving a wild appearance to her features. Her hair is long and frames her face well, dark brown in color with hint of black in it. Her hair hits about mid chest. She is slim but yet has curves of a women, Adessa only stands 5’6’’. She has long legs, and slender arms. She is not overly pretty, but something about her wild characteristics make people take a second glance.


Overview: Adessa is known for her wild temper. If she doesn’t agree with something you will know it. She is not shy, but yet doesn’t want to be the center of attention. She listens to every word you have to say before making her opinion on you. She doesn’t give second chances to anyone. She is quite intelligent, and believes in only things that she can touch smell, and feel. Adessa is a natural born leader, she likes to do things her way. Adessa is somewhat of a loner, only wanting attention when she wants it, not all the time. Some say she is cold, but once you get past that tough exterior, she is as sweet as a kitten.

Likes: (in people) Plans, decisive decisions, truthfulness, respect, straight forwardness, (other things) Social events that are small, Flowers, books, camping, hunting, anything that has to do with wilderness.

Loves: special gifts from the heart, her daemon, (herself though she would never admit it) Her life.

Dislikes: (in people) Indecisiveness, liars, followers, anyone opposite from her likes, (other things) Being cooped up, being forced into anything, being cut off from the outside, large parties.

Hates: bees.

History: Nyane Villiau and Josph Wyte were born to be married, live long, and give birth to a new generation of socialites. Smart, witty, and very happy, the pair gave birth to a single child, that child was Adessa Wyte. Born to a wealthy family, Adessa’s childhood wasn’t what most would call “normal”, she was always left alone, or dressed up and shown off. Her parents called her “their little doll”. Though she came from two very loving parents, Adessa doesn’t remember much of them. Always left in the care of her maids or nanny, Adessa found entertainment in her books, and artifacts from the north her father would bring home. At the age of 10, Adessa was the elite of her class, surpassing even some of the older children in reading and mathematics, her teachers where astounded, believing that her mother and father must spend time tutoring her and teaching her subjects not taught in her grade. The truth was, Adessa often hid away in her Mothers library reading all she could reach, and figuring math problems her Father would leave on the desk. It wasn’t that Adessa was a nerd, just trying to fill a void she felt from her parents neglect. When she graduated Prep school her parents thought it would be best to send her off to school. A school both proceeded from when they were her age, Jordan College. Adessa went with out a second look back. She was excited to be ride of the Social events her parents paraded her around, and her nagging nanny, who just didn’t relies that Adessa was able to make decisions for herself (Not to mention that she also knew a lot more then too). In her first three years with being with Jordan college, Adessa made little friends, not because she wasn't a likable person, but more to the fact that she was only here for one thing, and that was to learn the truth. She would often be found in the library leaning over a book, with her leopard daemon laying beside her. Some say that she is trying to find something out, something she isn’t supposed to know. What that is no one knows. But what is known is the day that Adessa entered Jordan College, she hated it, due to the fact that the whole school seemed to be under the Magisterium rule. She always wondered why her parents would send her to such a controlled school. She came up with a theory that she still has to prove. After her first year Adessa pleaded with her parents to buy her a Town house so she could live off the compass. They finally gave in and bought the Town House for her. To Adessa’s glee she moved in at once, enjoying the privacy that came with it. Now Adessa enters her last year at Jorden, one question remains, what will she do once she is done? Go back home to her lavish life, or stay and take up with the republicains.

Other: (nothing at this time)

Note: Dæmons are only owned by humans. Remember that though humans from other worlds have dæmons, they cannot see them.

Dæmon Name: Junius

Dæmon Animal: Jungle Leopard (Settled form)

Dæmon Appearance: Large body male, he had light brown and tanned fur with black/brown spots, his head is evenly spotted with white marking around his eyes and nose. His body also covered in even spots, his paws are large and equip with sharp claws. Junius has a long tail that helps him balance himself while running or hunting

Dæmon Personality: Every thing that Adessa hides, Junius shows. He is confident and reassuring. He also doesn’t speak very often in public, keeping his thoughts only to him and his other half. He is Adessa rock, always giving her strength, even when he too is scared and unsure. He likes to sit beside Adessa with his head held high, sometimes he angers faster then Adessa but is able to hide it better, only a flick of the tail shows that he is irritated, or maybe he is just bored.

Role Play Sample:

Adessa sat in the College library. She lean her head on one hand, her hair spilling out on to the table, she was working on an assignment that was due in two weeks. It was simple write a report about the physics of today’s society and how modern science is shaping today’s world. She sighed, already bored on the topic. She glances up and looked around the room, it was how she liked it, quite and not a lot of people. Junius laid beside her, he was purring softly flicking his tail slightly, his eyes where closed and it looked as if he was sleeping. Adessa glanced down and placed a hand on his head, scratching him right behind the right ear. Junius opened his leapord green eyes and looked at her,

“You need to focus Adessa, sooner you are done the sooner we get out of this hell hole.”

It was obvious how Adessa and Junius felt about going to Jordan. Yes it was a great College, but they really wanted to make their own life, not follow in her fathers and mothers footsteps.

“Yes, I know, Its just boring,” she leaned her head back over the edge of the chair, her hair fell over the back and hung down loosely, almost touching the ground. She tipped the chair on the two back legs, she sighed, “All I do here is listen and write reports, study and sleep, It’s redundant. Why couldn’t they teach subjects you could not read in these books, you know as well as I do that the Magisterium is the ones that ‘Approve’ of the topics of study.”

Junuis growled, “You must not talk of that in here, know your settings Adessa, its not safe to talk of such things.”

She could tell that Junuis was right, there was to many ears, and talk like that could get her expelled. Then she would have no choice but to go back home.

“Get back to your study, we will talk later of the ‘happenings’ of this world” Junuis knew that Adessa would not let this drop, so he compromised, they will talk later.

“Alright.” She lifted her head, and dropped the chair back to its all four, it made a slight noise, Junius growled at her but closed his eyes. Once again Adessa went back to reading.
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