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Sep 20 2014, 07:23 PM
Planning a meetup between Dan Warden/his people and some new travelers, perhaps from Lyra's world or something similar, like the Mulefa.
Sep 20 2014, 12:17 AM
The Scavengers, officially known as The United Colony, as named by the pencil pushers who wanted a nice name on their papers, traded with other worlds. They knew the locations of a number of odd portals which appeared after the war broke out. Generally, they were said to be on the Silk Road, a reference to an illegal, secret online trading site and the ancient trading route between Europe and China.

This was usually an okay setup. Large trucks rolled out, sometimes with trailers, sometimes just flatbeds or cargobeds, always escorted by at least Hummers and sometimes with tanks and strikers for extra support. Then there were those days when someone just had to do something stupid and all the tanks in the world couldn't quite save them from their little problem or the guy who'd be beating them with a wrench for dragging him out there.

"Olympus to Hephestus motor command, recovery operations required on primary route in Oasis," came across the radios. The brigade had originally been named with old mythology, it now applied to their codes for worlds and areas of the new colony.

"Hephesus confirms, contact Ares for oversight. Rendezous at Hermes central."

Dan looked down at Astrid, "and they didn't even say what they broke in all that." He grabbed his pack and lead the way out of the garage and into the shop yard. He had at least one of everything with wheels on it out here. This was a motor pool and repair facility. He had trucks of every known configuration and every trailer and part to go with them.

Today's choice, a 5-Ton Wrecker. It could rescue just about everything in the Army. There were limitations of course, but it should at least be able to drag some sorry idiot back through the portal. The only other choices were the Hemmit or the Hercules. They were both far larger and potentially not the best fit.

Astrid hopped up, clamboring around the crane assembly as she headed for the cab, jumping down through an open window on her side. "Well, if it were anything big, wouldn't they have said bring the big crane?" she lifted a paw and gestured at the waiting giant.

The Army employs lots of heavy machinery. Tanks, trucks, planes, things that can weigh into the hundreds of tons. It's one thing to merely pull one behind you or tow it along, but when it's completely borked, treads and drivetrain destroyed, it takes something bigger. That bigger something was the tank of a tow truck just outside the window. The ground would shake if it started moving, it was the Army's T-Rex of weight lifting. It could haul just about anything into the air.

"Actually, they'd rather let me get there, find out there's a problem, then come back and get that thing and a trailer," he said, climbing in and bringing the steel beast to life. There came the roar of it's turbo diesel engine and the brief plume of smoke as it rattled up to speed.

Just to be safe, they hitched up a medium weight trailer before leaving. That was a small tweak they'd made to a lot of the trucks. Most of the military's hauling was with large trailers. They needed flexibility, higher payload capacity, more trailers. They had modified hitch assemblies to manage taking on more types of payload.

"And we'll get there and find they've blown apart half an abrams" Astrid said, curling up in her seat.

"If we do, I'm coming back and letting someone else handle it" he said, "I'm the mechanic, not a hook jockey."

From there, they rode mostly in silence. Astrid wasn't especially talkative, rather she was prone to sleep when not needed. Besides, it was always easy to sleep in the trucks. A pair of hummers were waiting for them by the gateways. A whole cluster of the portals had formed relatively near to each other. Stone arches had been built up to better mark where each was and where it went.

The hummers just lined up, one going ahead and the other falling behind. It was late in the afternoon and no one wanted to be out or spending time arguing details.

On the other side, it was immediately apparent why they called it Oasis. The world looked like Florida. There was coastline, and swamplands, and sand, and palmtreees, it was a literal oasis, especially in the middle of their middle-eastern hell.

Astrid stretched as they crossed the border, almost as if she could sense it. It was very possible she did, her body was cybernetic. She stood up and looked out at the passing woodlands. This was a hell of a place to get stuck. Peaceful, but a challenge for getting unstuck.

As the woods passed by, they came upon a small encampment of hummers and trucks. They were all on the road, except for one, sunk deep into the mud. Dan looked out and began to grumble. He parked the truck at the head of the convoy, not even bothering to look for the commander. His first priority was the stuck truck.

Astrid jumped out and followed him over, whistling as she examined the situation. These were tall trucks, kind of like big rigs, over the road trucks, and this one had sunk about up to it's windows. It was going to be hell.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Dan said, until he caught site of the sheepish driver sitting by the mudhole. He promptly stormed over, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!"

--To Be Continued--
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