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 The Setting
 Posted: Jan 17 2013, 02:20 AM

Why? You joking?

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The Setting

Lyra's World, a world which co exists among many others. A world of political intrigue, set in an alternate Victorian era universe where physical manifestations of your soul will walk alongside you as animals. Steam trains chug from London and beyond, and Zeppelins dot the sky. Yet, under these technological marvels lie an oppressive authority figure and their actions to quell a rebellion.

We bid you welcome, but do watch your step. The Magisterium has been known to be...unhappy with people who do not agree with them.


Daemons are physical manifestations of your soul who walk alongside your character as animals. Nobody knows what they are or where they come from, only that they have existed since the dawn of time itself. Daemons switch between different forms of animal when they are young, but generally settle into one form of animal when their humans mature. They are your most reliable companions, and exhibit some, if not all of your characteristics, although they cannot stray too far from you. A man without a daemon is akin to a man without a head. So why is the Magisterium seeking to remove daemons from their humans in secret? Why are they convinced daemons are the embodiment of all evil? Are they correct?

And while we're on the subject of daemon taboos, please do not touch your neighbour's daemon, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. Would you reach in to touch your friend's live and beating heart? No? Then don't touch a daemon. You don't want to know what happens next, and frankly, neither does your neighbour.


Brytain is in many ways, the capital of the known world. It is the centre of commerce, and in the middle of it all is the College of St Jerome, the Seat of the Magisterium and the Highest Court of the Land. All administrative matters and laws are passed in the College of St Jerome, and it is said that Father MacPhail, Father President himself lives there...not that you will ever see him.


If Brytain is the capital of the world, then London is the centre of it all. The College of St Jerome, the commercial district, those quaint little cafes, high class infrastructure, an efficient transportation system (the funicular railway) and a range of parks with Oxford just a train ride away...if you can afford it. The poverty gap between the rich and the poor is rising, and the slums will take you if you think rent is too high...all you need is a roof over your head right?

The Magisterium

The Magisterium, similar to the Church, is the ruling authority of Lyra's World. It consists of several bodies (the Consistorial Court, the General Oblation Board, the Society of the Work of the Holy Spirit and the College of Bishops) struggling for power, and it is currently led by Father Hugh MacPhail, the youngest president of the Consistorial Court and the Magisterium by far. The power each body hold changes with the political landscape of the Magisterium, and while the General Oblation Board weakens and the Consistorial Court strengthens its political power, this may not last. And then of course there is that business with cutting daemons, and the Theory of the Other Worlds...

Not many people know of the internal power struggles inside the Magisterium, only that they are the highest power of the land, and that they must be obeyed without question. But they are a reasonable authority figure...until you disobey their words. Ask the Bransons and the Rosethorns. All they had to do was survive the torture and flee. It really wasn't very hard.

The Republic of Heaven

The rebellion against the Magisterium, commonly known as the Republic of Heaven, is an organisation which strives to overthrow the Magisterium and live a life without its oppressiveness and tyranny. They aren't making a lot of headway, mostly due to the fact that the Magisterium are prepared to shoot each and every member of the group without a fair trial. The Republic of Heaven operate in secrecy, and its numbers are growing. Led by Lord Asriel and Richard Mackenzie, they are determined to stop the Magisterium from going too far...if only Lord Asriel hadn't left the local branch of the Republic to open this bridge to the other worlds...and Mackenzie didn't have a private agenda in mind.

The Republic is at an impasse at the moment. Should they continue their efforts in Lyra's World? Or should they follow Lord Asriel and expand to other worlds and beyond?

One thing is for sure...something is going to tip them over one way or the other, and change the face of the Republic forever.


And there are the common folk. People like you and me, who try to go about their business, obeying the Magisterium while ignoring the shenanigans of the Republic. It really isn't our business how the war plays out. We just want to live out our lives in peace. That really isn't so it?


No one knows what it is, or what it does, only that the Magisterium has banned all mention of it, and the Republic are far too interested in its purpose and existence. That's good enough for everyone, so run along now. Really. Or the Magisterium will shoot you.

The Other Worlds

Ever since that pesky Lord Asriel and his equally annoying "lover" Marisa Coulter opened the bridge to the city in the clouds, strange windows have revealed themselves in Lyra's World. Step through them and be prepared to walk into another world...literally. The Magisterium have suppressed the existence of the bridge in the North, but the people can't help but notice the strange windows...and the equally strange creatures and machines wandering through those windows and into their world. They call themselves humans but...why are they dressed that way? And holding small boxes they call smartphones? What on earth is going on? And why do these humans not have...daemons?

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